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It will be mainly go out to bars/clubs etc. Next time I go out I will be wearing Black jeans because they are easy to iron and this top I bought a while ago. I'm trying to improvemy oerall style but I haven't got mega bucks. I'm tall, fairly well muscled with broad shoulders. I'm not lean but not what you consider fat either. I'm in between a 34-36 waist in Jeans/pants etc. If all that helps. I always hear shoes are very important to be judged on but most of them look...
Ah thank you. I went to the site and found these Loakes. I think they are a bit risky but I like to be different. One female I asked liked them and another hated them. What is general consenus on here?   {img}[/img]  
Haha, well help me out then. I'm not good with fashion but thought I'd make an effort for once. Not going above £300 for a pair of shoes though.  
I've just joined this forum after looking for a pair of shoes. After a brief look around I see that Magnanni are not too popular around here. Does that apply to these shoes here?,size:   I should add that I am a UK 13 and struggle for choice my size over here. An alternative would be to order shoes from USA from ebay but the size would...
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