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Does this last call sale apply just to Last Call outlet stores or also to regular Neiman Marcus stores?
Does the lack of response to my previous question of whether Allen-Edmonds Park Avenue is appropriate for tuxedo wear indicate that it is a ridiculous question and the answer is "no way"???
Is the Allen-Edmonds Park Avenue appropriate for tuxedo wear?
I agree with the above - Waterman inks are good. My favorite blue is Waterman blue-black, and my favorite black is Aurora. I don't like Omas black, but I may have to order that tobacco brown and give it a try.
If you like the blue or red, you can pick up an Aurora Talentum from for $160. I like the Optima better, but its $100+ more.
You may have inadvertently insulted him by referring to him as "Mr. Clinton" instead of "Mr. President" or "President Clinton". My understanding is that that is the proper address even for ex-presidents. Then again, I agree with the above poster that the man is not deserving of such respect.
I think the leaking thing is kind of over-exagerated. The only pen that ever leaked on me was a cheap Uniball. I think generally you only need to be concerned with a fountain pen leaking is when flying because of the change of air pressure.
I did alot of research on fountain pens about a year ago. Depending on how much effort you want to put into this, there are some fountain pen forums and googling brings up useful info. As I recall, many of the people really into pens sort of frown on the Mont Blancs as over-priced for their quality and a sign that someone doesn't really know about pens - but then if the point is only to try to impress people who don't know much about pens, the Mont Blanc has the cachet....
Well, I have big feet so the size shouldn't be a problem, but I do have pasty white skin. Anyway, if that's a good price I will at least try out a few.
My local Marshalls has the thin cotton blend dress socks for $3 and some cashmere blend (seem a little bit thicker than the cotton) for $7. I've never tried these socks before , having purchased most of my socks from Costco - are those good discount prices??
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