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The middle of nowhere, i.e., where people get especially defensive about THERE values.
I live in the middle of ARE country, so to speak, and need suit sleeve alterations. FWIW, the sleeve buttons are non-functional.   Do you suggest I trust my local dry cleaner's seamstress to make the changes? (Shortening by 1/2 of an inch.) I haven't taken anything there before except for cleaning. Good enough work on that end.   I'm unfamiliar w/ the whole process and one of my worries is that a 1/2'' move from the cuff will look goofy because the buttons start at...
 Trouble starts three or four buttons from the top. Neck is fine. ETA: I didn't realize it was their thinnest fit.
I wear a size 16 or 16.5 shirt -- let's just say it fluctuates. Anyway, bought a Brooks Brothers slim fit shirt, sz. 16, and I couldn't even button the damn thing. Not even close. Are BB shirts - with a green label - known for being at least a size smaller, or something? I'm wearing a BB 16 regular fit right now and it fits great. What gives?
 Excellent? No. Still pretty good? Yeah. Fortunately (I guess?) my added bulk has gone to my thighs rather than just my gut. The pants legs are slim fitting by design so, with the added weight, they don't sit right above the knee and through the crotch. The seam has started to pull a bit. So yeah, like someone above said, maybe time to pass it along to a better home.
SF-wisdom is good enough for me. Any way that I can get a few more years out of the jacket? ...Or should I give up?
Jacket / Pants Pairing Question   Does this tandem work? Pants are J. Crew - Ludlow in Italian Chino. Jacket is off an old Prada suit I bought on SF many years ago (if the seller is lurking - thanks! I got countless wears out of the suit but, alas, I've - uh - outgrown the pants).    I wouldn't be fooling anyone if worn together; the pair clearly weren't sold together.   But can they be worn together? And, more important, would I look like a fool?        
Laid back but no, no tentacle porn. (A co-worker did draw me a kitten picture and that's hanging up.) I'm very near the front door, things would need to be SFW.
Hey friends, I've switched desks and am now in a more open location, not in a private office, but I've got a full wall to dress up.   So a simple question: what images should I stick to it? I'm not talking about buying posters to display, just images that can be printed offline and not look any cheaper. (Maybe this isn't so simple after all.)   Right now I've stuck a few of my favorite New Yorker cartoons to the wall, along with a calender and some drawings from a...
Yuck, any suggestions on how to clean vomit stains from an indigo-died denim shirt? The incident occurred maybe about 12 hours before this post; is it already too late? I've, uh, scraped off the residue and what's left are large, dark spots.   I'm going to be at work all day tomorrow -- should I leave the shirt soaking in a bath of OxiClean until I can get home and run it through a wash? Any pro-tips appreciated.   Thanks in advance.
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