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I've decided to grow out my hair, and right now, it's longer than it has been in over 20 years. My scalp is getting itchy though and I'm wondering if it's because of my hair, or what. I'm using cheap 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner (my excuse is, since my hair is usually very short, I don't need anything fancy) - anyway, I suspect it's probably time for an upgrade. FWIW, I shampoo/condition 2x a week and take a warm shower everyday. Product is an American Crew cream and I brush...
Yup. They're also allowed to call the numbers into the HQ, where they will run the charge. Should be a last resort because it's really shady but it's better than 'cash or cops.'
I believe that people say it; we hang out a lot. What's the correct response?
 My guess is that UChicago is known by less than half of all Americans, forget about academia.
Not pissing me off so much but I can't understand why this girl keeps telling me that people think we're sleeping together. We're not, although I'd like to -- which is, I guess, why it's getting under my skin. I donno how to even respond to her. I'd like to say, "why aren't we?" Instead I bite my tongue and groan.
 To be clear, I'm not a shitlib.
What's your age range, friend?
 Ever have the Goose Island Bourbon County?
Dave Matthews fans
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