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I believe that people say it; we hang out a lot. What's the correct response?
 My guess is that UChicago is known by less than half of all Americans, forget about academia.
Not pissing me off so much but I can't understand why this girl keeps telling me that people think we're sleeping together. We're not, although I'd like to -- which is, I guess, why it's getting under my skin. I donno how to even respond to her. I'd like to say, "why aren't we?" Instead I bite my tongue and groan.
 To be clear, I'm not a shitlib.
What's your age range, friend?
 Ever have the Goose Island Bourbon County?
Dave Matthews fans
 I used to think sex with whoever, whenever, would be a cure all for depression. That was wrong.
 Quoting your post in recognition of John Cage's birthday.
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