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Laid back but no, no tentacle porn. (A co-worker did draw me a kitten picture and that's hanging up.) I'm very near the front door, things would need to be SFW.
Hey friends, I've switched desks and am now in a more open location, not in a private office, but I've got a full wall to dress up.   So a simple question: what images should I stick to it? I'm not talking about buying posters to display, just images that can be printed offline and not look any cheaper. (Maybe this isn't so simple after all.)   Right now I've stuck a few of my favorite New Yorker cartoons to the wall, along with a calender and some drawings from a...
Yuck, any suggestions on how to clean vomit stains from an indigo-died denim shirt? The incident occurred maybe about 12 hours before this post; is it already too late? I've, uh, scraped off the residue and what's left are large, dark spots.   I'm going to be at work all day tomorrow -- should I leave the shirt soaking in a bath of OxiClean until I can get home and run it through a wash? Any pro-tips appreciated.   Thanks in advance.
Does this sound like a reweaving job?
Recent Buys:   Evil Twin's "Bikini Beer" (6/10) Grimm Artisanal Ales's "Bees in the Trappe" (7/10) Evil Twin's "Ryan and the Beaster Bunny" (6.5/10) New England's "668 Neighbor of the Beast" (7.5/10)
Hey friends,   I've got a rip in the pants on my favorite suit -- in an unfortunate location, naturally. Yeah, right on my ass. The tear is parallel to the seam but doesn't follow directly along the stitching and is about three and a half inches long.   Is this something my local tailor / dry cleaner can repair? Not at home right now so I can't upload pics of the pants.   Thanks!
I went in three months ago and got a buzzcut so that it would look good at my on campus interviews. Now, I'm hoping to go for this look pulled off by John Krasinski from The Office http://i.imgur.com/etmognZ.png   With all of my hair the same length (around 2.5-3 inches), what do I need to tell my barber in order to achieve that style? Please try and be as specific as possible, if you can. I'm more coherent when drunk than when trying to explain what I want done to my...
 Do you have any recommendations? FWIW, this only happens with my hair grows longer than 3 inches.
 I don't consider 20-23 to be mid-20s, so, no.
I've decided to grow out my hair, and right now, it's longer than it has been in over 20 years. My scalp is getting itchy though and I'm wondering if it's because of my hair, or what. I'm using cheap 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner (my excuse is, since my hair is usually very short, I don't need anything fancy) - anyway, I suspect it's probably time for an upgrade. FWIW, I shampoo/condition 2x a week and take a warm shower everyday. Product is an American Crew cream and I...
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