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I'm looking to buy glasses frames with clear lenses. Budget: $100. Contact me with specifics.   Thanks!
I'm looking to acquire nothing more than the classic navy blue + gold button blazer in either size 40R or 41R.   Budget: $100-$150.
Got it. Explanation negates need for pics. Thanks. (On an aside, I'm one of the 25 y/os who doesn't wear a lot of "modern" cuts.)
Makes sense. My two sack suits are from J. Press--wouldn't surprise me if they're one of the few retailers still producing the style.  Can you share a pic. of what you considered the fuller, more traditional cut?
All this talk about jacket fit has me wondering whether any of you feel self-conscious about wearing sack suits. I'm in an industry where suits are required every day, and I think I'm the only one younger than 50 who owns a suit without darts. (I'm excluding interns / summers who wear ill-fitted Jos. A. Bank, etc., OTR.)
I blame global capitalism.
It's not as though I'm left out of the action.
Our future wives, and our children's mothers, are sleeping with new guys every week, guys who they met on Tinder.
Oh, I don't mean I'm uncomfortable wearing the outfits. I mean, simply, I admit the suit jacket / shirt combo looks a little busy, despite the patterns being of contrasting widths, etc. That surprised me. Anyway, what's your take on the two different combos I've posted? I prefer the first (w/ the brown tie), and would wear it. One reason I visit SF is so people stop me before I make a fool of myself. Internet strangers are honest.
I'm always hesitant to mix patterns. In theory, the small gingham checks should be okay with the wide spaced pinstripes, but they’re throwing me off in this instance.   Are either of these OK? First conforms to 2/3 rule; Second breaks the rule, granted. 
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