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 You know that the slim guys are actually a little roomier than the weirdguys, right? If you're struggling that hard to get into a pair or 32 slims, I'd think you should be sizing up to a 33 or 34 slim guy instead of a 33 weirdguy. You're going up one size but choosing a tighter/lower cut with the weird guy. If your crotch is crushed in 32 slims, they'll be just as bad or worse in 33 weirds. The main difference between the cuts is that the slim doesn't have such an...
I'd love a pair of the trousers, but I can't stand the pleats. Really wish there was a slim flat-front option
As a prospective first buyer that has been lurking this thread for months, this is the only sizing advice that makes sense.
God damn that looks great. Makes me reconsider going with the uncollared moto.
If women find TOJ on guys a tenth as attractive as I find TOJ on this lady, it's easily worth the price and the wait.
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