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Nope... not trying to make the suit something that it's not... I was just curious if it could be done.   The suit looks great as a 2 piece, but when you're early in your business fashion career, you sometimes need to get as much mileage out of the outfits you have while still keeping them fresh.   I do think that my next suit purchase will be a 3 piece though... and then I can ask silly questions like "3 piece suit into a 2 piece"... lol.  
Thanks gents.   I was afraid that that may be the case.   The suit is lighter than the vest, not the other way round. I have a wedding on Saturday, and that's also when I'm retrieving the suit from the tailor, so we'll see if I end up wearing that suit or not. BUT... I'll try and snap a pic and get it up here.   I've seen so many posts about contrasting vests, but nothing with gray/gray or gray vest/black suit, etc.   The suit is very light gray, but...
Gentlemen...   I've tried a rather extensive search, so forgive me...   I recently purchased a very nice 2 piece lighter grey suit, and I was curious about vests.   I know the general rule of thumb is that they need to be obviously different in order for it to work, or exactly the same.   My question is, is "gray" a color that contrasts with "light gray" enough that this may be worn? Or am I risking too much?   I'd provide photos, but the suit is at...
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