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Today was the second time I received a shirt from ledbury that's a short cut but the filter on the site said it was long. I think their shirts are far too long to wear untucked and am going to have to return it. I'm incredibly annoyed, I have 6 or 7 of their shirts already. I don't know why they even make a short cut...
Copped the multi's and turquoise racers this morning. damn I love their racers...
Still no date on the summer racers?
Any idea of when the new summer racers drop?
I just got the red racers on eBay. Very nice.... I didn't know the artic blue would be out so soon or I probably would have got them. Are those running tights you're wearing or the tech sweats?
It looks like it was the same bidder who got the price up there.
The 50% off is showing on the site but the coupon code isn't working   edit: must be live at midnight. the banner on the front page said it starts on the 22nd = l
Please PM me with a price on a pair of black park avenue size 11 E. Thanks~
New Posts  All Forums: