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Damn it, Despos and Man of Lint, way to come along and ruin the beautiful consensus we had built.  And MoL, extra thank you for the bonus critique of my countenance IN ADDITION to the jacket.  You have a good eye to appreciate my sultry pout.   Yes, it was intended as a casual jacket, but a well-fitting jacket one.  So I don't know if I succeeded or not.  What I do know is that Lands End has some of its sportcoats on crazy sales today and scooped a couple up for...
Wow, thanks everyone, for the points that I wouldn't have even noticed.   Putonghua -- what are quarters?  I believe you regardless, but I'm curious.  To answer your question, a few months ago I was fitted in a 43R suit by BB (it was taken in a bit in the front/sides/sleeves).   Chase -- good catch.  I'm not sure, but I see what you see.  Not ideal.   Everyone's feedback has convinced me that I should probably just return the damn thing, which is fine as I...
I bought a size Large Faconnable wool sportcoat off of Gilt (I'm a size 43, most recently) but I'm just not sure about the shoulders. (I know the sleeves need to be shortened.) What do you all think about the fit, especially shoulders? Thanks for all comments!    
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