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Does anyone have an ecobee thermostat? I am looking at getting either that or the nest.
Let me know how you like the Stagg jr. I saw a bunch of bottles today, but the $85 they are asking for it makes we want to make sure it's worth 2 FRSBI think it's the best value for the money. I really like it, but it's hard to come by here.
Thw standard Four Roses single barrel is now available at the lcbo for $45, so it's cheaper to buy here. I think I paid 55 for my store select from Binny's and it was well worth the price. I would say 70 it is at the top end of what it's worth.
I've only heard good things... Unfortunately no distribution here in Canada. Enjoy!
I'm a big fan of the pictures and and glassware that get posted in this thread!   As someone who generally drinks whiskey neat, or beer it is great to see these cocktails.
Does anyone have any experience with MacCabe watches? I just came across them and a 30% off promo code and really like the looks of many of their models. I would like to get some feedback if anyone has seen or owned one of their watched.   Here's a link to the site http://mccabewatches.com/
  Good read. I agree that he sounds whinny. I think that I always assumed that breweries were giving a kickback or paying for lines and as others have said $500 sounds like a deal.
Really like the Squale and that Orient Star. Nice Watches guys!
Good luck! Let us know what you think of it once you get one.
If you are trying to get anything into Ontario it's really big pain. You have to order in a case at a time and pay for the LCBO to test it. It takes months and isn't worth the price. I just purchase when I travel to the US. If you know anyone in Alberta they generally have a much better selection and price and it's easier to ship from there than over the border.
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