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Very jealous of the Ritt 25!!
Or use the apples to make a pie or tart.
Does anyone know of a site where you can upload a picture of the exterior of your house to create a new design for the exterior? The only ones that I have found have been focused on siding or exterior colours and I am looking for something that includes landscaping such as stone work and creating a new porch.
If you can find a Benrinnes sherried botle I would recommend that. They have been the best sherry bombs I have ever had. The 14 is very good and should be in your price range. This if you want to stretch your budget a bit.  https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/benrinnes-23-year-old-whisky/ 
Does anyone know where I can find a houndstooth tie in Toronto? I have stopped at a couple of Harry's and Brooks Brothers with no luck yet.
I am looking to buy a houndstooth tie for my wedding. Other classic wedding ties would also be considered. Please let me know what you have.   I may also be interested in a dark brown size 36 or 38 dress belt.
If there is anyway to get a couple of bottles into Canada I would be up for 2.
I had the Perpetuum and found it very similar to Ardbeg 10, but lighter and fresher. I enjoy the 10, but prefer the perpetuum.
I also ate here a year or two ago and it was very good. Much better than any of the other places I had eaten at in NF.
I have the bourbon finished amrut and I really like it. Most people prefer the portonova, but I found it just ok. The prices are a bit on the high side, but the quality is good.
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