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MC - Which bar was that? Was it in Toronto?
Just moved into our first house last night. So many headaches already, but much more room that the condo. We have had a contractor do a terrible job building a closet and had to kick him out. Our flooring guys called the day they were to start to tell us they were too busy to do our house, so we found someone else, but they didn`t finish until 9pm the night we had moved in.   Now our AC is leaking water onto the basement floor... I have been trying to fix it with...
The Signatory Bunna.   On a side note, seeing your mixing glass in that last picture really makes me regret not buying when you posted that deal, it looks great.
Pio,    How is that? I bought a bottle of it two weeks ago at Binny's and haven't opened it yet. I am expecting big things...
Yep, it's all spirits tht are special released through the lcbo.
If you go to vintages.com and sign up for their newsletter thry will sen out a list of what is coming in and when. The ocassionaly have online only exclusives as well.
I've got a bottle of this in the waiting line to open... Glad you enjoyed it
Thanks for sharing those photos.. That looks awesome! Did they have different age ranges to pick from?
Do you make your own ginger syrup?
Do you use the roasted garlic and peppers as rimmer?
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