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I got a bottle of the 12 in the lottery
I used to do this over the summers when in university. As long as you have some patience it is very easy to lay down pavers. Makes sure you dig deep enough and pack the sand/screenings every few inches and your patio will last.
 That looks so much better than it does on their site. Great watch!
Lots of hype surrounding this one. I am interested to hear how it actually is. Supposed to be close to a heavily oaked ER 17.
Great lineup!   Was it this years Laga DE?
If I would be able to get a couple of bottles into Canada I would be in for two or three.
Do you guys have a recommendation for a tailor for custom shirts in toronto? I saw a couple places mentioned. I would be interested in getting my own fabrics and having them made.   Also, may not be too helpful, but The Bay does Samuelson and Coppley MTM and are a bit cheaper than Harry's. I came across this yesterday as well. http://www.blogto.com/fashion_style/2015/03/the_top_10_custom_made_to_measure_suits_in_toronto/
 What make/model is that shirt? I really like it.
Have you looked into cork flooring? I prefer it to laminate and have friends with dogs that it has held up very well for.
I prefer the A'Bunadh to Mac cask strength.
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