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I have the bourbon finished amrut and I really like it. Most people prefer the portonova, but I found it just ok. The prices are a bit on the high side, but the quality is good.
I like double black with ginger beer and lime - same as a dark n stormy. The punch from the ginger beer and the peat fuse nicely and the lime levels it out.
Where the downspout from my room runs down, it goes into a circular receptacle that is connected to the city's wastewater drain. It is not fastened in, and in the large amount of rain we got today the water started overflowing from the sides. I am wondering if I can caulk this, so that the water will no longer splash out, or if there is a better way to deal with this problem?
I saw an interview with the owner of Smooth Ambler a month or two ago and he said that they are starting to ship into Canada soon, they just had to finish up some details!
I prefer the 10 as I find it has a bit more going on. The QC is in your face with peat, but not much depth behind it. I do know that many prefer the QC though.
 Is there a beginner armagnac you would recommend? I have lots of whisky, but have been thinking of getting some armagnac for the cabinet.
I got some trees here - http://zelikovitz.com/   They have 2 for 1 sales on occasion.
I've had it and think it's good, but $80 is a bit steep. I like smooth ambler ryes for the money, or High west.
I went recently to Fine Shoe Repair and Sales on the Danforth and am very happy with the job. I think it was around the $40 range for new leather soles.
I have a pair of Grenson suede chukkas and I think that they are very good. I prefer them to my AE's, but don't think they're as good as Carminas. I don't remember what I paid, but it wasn't a lot and I would buy another pair at $300 or so.
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