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There are two people in my office that wear them.
Do the wolverines fit large, like the Red wings?
Try the Dark Origins. LCBO has it for $99 and it's a step up, with a lot more sherry.
There is a Rosen outlet in Vaughn as well
I feel like through the history of this thread you have done enough work yourself to renovate 2 houses. Impressed with the amount of renovating you are able to do!
Thanks for all of the responses, I think we are going to have the electric in floor heating installed with the programmable thermostat.
Does anyone have a recipe for a basil smash that could be made a batch at a time. I am hosting a party and don't like the drink, but my wife and her friends do.
We are redoing our main bathroom due to a ruptured supply line and the tile is coming up and we are putting down new sub floor and tile. trying to decide if we want to put in heated floors. For those of you that have them do you use them often? Located in Canada, so there are plenty of cold days, just wondered if it's more of a novelty or a practical feature?
While not Asian, I would recommend Richmond Station for one of your meals. Khao San Road has very good Thai, put you will likely have to wait. If you are out walking around I would suggest stopping by Kensington Market, there are many shops that have small things to get, so you can make a meal of that.   For dim sum I would suggest Rosewood in China town. If you are interested in Hakka, I would recommend Spadina Garden (Oddly located on Dundas near the Eaton's center)
Very jealous of the Ritt 25!!
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