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Thanks for sharing those photos.. That looks awesome! Did they have different age ranges to pick from?
Do you make your own ginger syrup?
Do you use the roasted garlic and peppers as rimmer?
My thought on the newer distillers is that they need to make their juice and let it age while working other jobs. I feel like these companies feel as if they deserve to make money, even before they have earned it. This bothers me as everyone else has to earn their stripes. I have heard really good things about russels reserve and will be looking for it in the future.   I had not seen that Four Roses Secretariat before. Looks good. Let us know what you think when you...
I haven't been able to get The General, but I have opened a few Compass Box bottles recently and have been very impressed with them. I am sure the General will be great as well.
They are bottled by Duncan Taylor (who is a very reputable bottler). I would personally buy at least one at those prices, and I have liked Bunnahabhain when I have tried it.
Have you tried the Bunnahabhain 12? I have tried the 18 and thought it was fantastic and have heard the 12 is also good but very different.
I have been wanting to try that for some times. I really like the tasting notes I have read. They don't sell it where I live, but I am definitely going to be picking up a bottle on my vacation south. Let us know what you think. It is also such a nice bottle that it comes in!
I opened my first bottle of Elmer T Lee last night and was suprised by how much I liked it, one of my favorites so far. I will have to keep an eye out for a comemerative.
Thanks, I will take a look at the rye when I go in to get my single barrel.   I am in Ontario and prices are generally double prices in the US, so I'm alright with 80.
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