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  Those look great.  Would you mind detailing the process (including the products involved)? I'd like to do this for my Jcrew PCTs.  The only reason I haven't already is because of the dark welt; do you like how the dark welt sits with the antiqued edge?
Long shot, but would anyone happen to have some hemmed parts of APCs they'd be willing to part with? I put off darning my APC PNS when they started to show signs of weakness about a month ago and now there's a straight up 2" by 2" hole that requires patching.  A 3" by 3" piece or larger would be idea. I will, of course, pay for shipping and your troubles.
I bought 1000 miles in a size 8 and they fit me well without any insoles.  However, I have flat feet and need Superfeet half-soles (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41d6lhnzVcL.jpg) in my shoes.  With these in, and with wool socks on, the boots are very tight on the mid-foot area.  Would it be recommended that I try sizing up to a 8.5, or go for a 8 wide?
Hey Tate+Yoko,   Could I get some sizing advice on the Elephants?  My only point of reference are N&F Indigo Selvedge WGs in size 30.  When I first got them, they were incredibly tight, and I was barely able to button them up.  After a couple weeks, they have loosened up considerably and fit me pretty much perfectly.  I'm looking to pick up a pair of Elephant 2s, but I'm uncertain as to whether I should get them in 30 or 31.  Thoughts?
Thanks for all the advice so far.  Will they really stretch -that- much?  I honest don't think I could fit into a 29.  My thighs are pretty big and it already takes some strenuous effort to button these up as is.
What's up all?  Did some research and picked up my first pair of raws today.  N&F Indigo Selvedge in Weird Guy, size 30.  Thoughts on fit?  Think I should get them hemmed or leave them cuffed and stacked?   Also, I'm looking to get a pair of Elephant 2s.  Should I get them in 30 or 31?  Thanks in advance!        
New Posts  All Forums: