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Made the Autumn Speckle Herringbone R/Cs my first Epaulet purchase, it's going to be a long 4+ weeks for them to arrive. Eyeing that new shipment of Carmina in late September to quickly double down.
Those are some amazing rivet chino fabrics, especially love the autumn herringbone look, well done!   Any updates on a re-stock of this double monk?
Anyone here have a pair of Epaulet's Carmina Double Monk in Burgundy Shell? Would love to see some pics of it in the wild! Also do all Carmina burgundy shell shoes have that distinct red hue (more so than Alden #8 etc.)? 
  Thanks for the update! I've been looking to get a pair of monks in the Inca last myself and have been trying to figure out if I should size down 1 or 1.5 sizes from US to UK (US8.5D) and with no opportunity to try a pair. I enjoy a snug fit.   It's too bad that one of the loafers was wide, I really like their design. 
If you could compare the Inca Last to an Alden Last (fit-wise), which would it be?
  (Please excuse the crap iphone photo and carpet!)   Got this black calf NST as a christmas present from my cousin, only my second pair of Alden's (Cigar shell cap toe boots were the first). They fit well and are very comfortable, but I'm not exactly sure I'm ok with black shoes in a casual setting, I just don't know what to wear them with. I was thinking about getting blue laces to make them pop a bit more, and I generally wear jeans or chinos. Also, no...
J.Gilbert has a nice medallion toe boot, plaza last I believe; an interesting alternative to the cap toe (which is another option).
Thanks - I saw that pair myself, looks great. Still want to see if I can land the whole deal: cap-toe, medallion, black shell, boot. I recall seeing a picture of one in this thread (or what looked like it), maybe I'll spend the weekend sifting through it to find the poster!
I'm fixated on the idea of getting a black shell medallion cap toe boot. does anyone carry this model or am I out of luck?
^^ Lovely pair. That's next on my list!   Also, thanks everyone for the shoe tree replies. I'm going to go with the woodlore epic in small. 
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