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Anyone have any experience with Canadian retailers, esp. in Toronto? Wouldn't mind an Iron Ranger, but hesitant because of sizing and winter grip on ice and snow.
Either it's a vocal minority that has their shipment lost in the queue, or I lucked out. Ordered a MDR a day or two after the announcement in June, got it two weeks ago in the mail. Haven't had a chance to take pics yet though.
Are there any jeans that stack particularily nicely? My only pair of raws is a united stock dry goods 5pocket, and while its a nice, somewhat loose fit, there's not enough inseam and its far too loose at the ankle to stack.
Just ordered my first ToJ last week, black lamb MDR with silver zips. I've been lurking this thread for a while so I've heard about people worrying about their measurements. I thought it was silly when I was an uninvolved reader, but here I am... Very excited.
Best of luck to Drew and his future endeavours. I've been eyeing the MDR for the longest time... I guess it's now or never >
Just copped my first pair of raw denim, united stock narrow 13.5 in deep indigo.  Should I try to stay as far away from rain as possible?
I would totally help but I'm leaving for vacation in a few days and won't have time to :( I hope someone helps you!
Forgive me for asking, but which pair of jeans is the T000 that everyone talks about? I don't see any model numbers on the site...
  Thanks! I'll check those out.   Oh sick, I live in Toronto so I can check those out personally! Thanks.
it seems like my first reply never got through... essentially cheaper the better, while still giving me that raw denim experience,  but if I had to put a max i'd say 150.
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