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Thanks for all the answers. I went for the Kent Wang. I was looking for ties in the websites I sent you and I am amaze to see that most of them come pre tied.   Have a good day!
The cordial seems to be very nice and at a good price as well. I really appreciate your comments and your help guiding me in the right direction. So the one I should buy it's the Black Satin Narrow Butterfly if I am slim?   Can you please take a look at this 3 websites real quick, there are only a couple of Black Satin Bow Tie options to see if Cordial Churchman will be the final...
Thanks for the bow tie options, they look exactly the same to me how can I choose?    What about a pocket square?   Regards
Thanks again for the answer.   I already bought this shirt : http://blog.arigreenberg.com/post/234019943/thomas-pink-rockefeller-center-tuxedo   A cummerbund like this one although I payed less : http://www.ebay.com/itm/330822018980?hlp=false   shoes similar to this one: http://www.tods.com/en/man/shoesa13/formala13/lace-up-leather-shoes   I am having such a hard time finding the right bow tie. I am looking in all websites like www.mrporter.com, www.luisaviaroma.com and...
Thanks a lot for your answer.   The Tuxedo is pure wool but it seems a little bit metallic or shiny. The rise of the pants look low because the model is trying to wear it in a "cool" way although the tuxedo does has a slim fit which is great for me being very skinny.   I can return it but I really liked it so I really don't want to.    Thanks again and any other comments will be highly appreciated as well.
Hello! I am getting married in a couple of weeks and I want to wear the right bow tie. I already bought a black shawl tuxedo from Pierre Balmain Balmain Cinzato Wool Cloth Stretch Tuxedo Suit - Stylebox. http://www.stylebox.com/balmain/p/pierre-balmain-cinzato-wool-cloth-stretch-tuxedo-suit I am 23 years old and it's a black tie event at around 9pm. The wedding will be held indoors in Panam City I don't know if it's important.  Should I wear a cummerbund and/or...
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