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  Four Horsemen has 20% off w+h, 30% off A.P.C., Saturdays, and 40% off A.P.C. x Carhartt.    Our Legacy goes on sale tomorrow!
Gant Rugger Madras Shirt   Size Large   Super lightweight handloom madras   9/10 - Worn less than 5 times   $50 $40 OBO + 4% Paypal shipped within Canada and US.      
Selling these for a friend, great condition.   Viberg Boots x 4 Horsemen Shop Service Boots Black Buffalo Suede/Smooth   From original collaboration in 2011   Sz. 7 fits like a US 8.5   $400 OBO/ +$20 shipped within North America with tracking   On Hold.   Add 4% for Paypal
Four Horsemen has 40% off all remaining FW13 Our Legacy, A.P.C., Norse Projects, wings+horns, and Reigning Champ, and 50% off FW13 Saturdays NYC. 
We have a Winter Sale of up to 50% Off at Four Horsemen.
Got a Baratza Encore for Christmas from the parents! Still yet to use it, but I'm excited to get some coffee all dialed in on it.   Now I can leave my Skerton and V-60 at work permanently. 
Anyone know how the Sashiko Tabi's fit?   Looking at a 10, but I usually wear a 10.5 in most other shoes and don't want to have my toes being punished.
  How does the Lap 10 Year compare taste wise to the QC (also one of my favourites)?
Price drop! 
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