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My trusted tailor doesn't supply suspenders (braces) for my trousers. He gave me the address, but I couldn't find the place. With that said, does anyone know of a place that sells them?
I'm looking to buy a chesterfield overcoat in the Seoul area, but I haven't had much luck. I'm having issues with fittings in regards to Korean brand names. It feels so freaking tight on the shoulders to the point where I can barely lift my arms in a driving position.   Does anyone know which department stores that sell decent overcoats? If so, which brand or which store section should I check out?  
Does anyone know of a decent tailor for a Chesterfield overcoat or should I just go to the department stores?
 If your budget is around 750,000 won, there is a place called Tailorable Blue Label just outside of Itaewon that make full canvass bespoke suits.Here are some of the photos of my navy herringbone suit along with the fittings. The material they used is Samsung Goldtex Super 100 with cupro lining.They also have a web site It might be better for you to see if Han's or Saville Row make full canvass suits. They're not bespoke, but they're about...
Mr. Claghorn,   You're info has been very invaluable to me.  Thank you very much.   I did manage to find a decent pair of flannel-like pants in the Doota shopping center near the Dongdaemun History Culture subway station. It was a lucky find.
I'm going to an alterations shop, not a tailor.  Tailors in Korea wouldn't even waste their time with doing alterations on clothing I didn't buy from them.
I'm going to an alterations shop to get my chinos, corduroys, (slim) and jeans (regular straight) trimmed. How many inches of fabric should I be able to pinch away from my skin for each of my pants for both proper straight fit jeans and proper slim fit corduroys and chinos?   Should corduroys fit in a similar fashion to chinos or should they fit like regular straight jeans? Thank you for your previous responses.
I'm thinking about getting 2-3 pairs of flannel trousers in both mid and light grey from a tailor to prepare for Korea's harsh winter season. Can someone recommend a place for me? 
Thank you for your reply.   Does the fit look kind of boxy or does it look ok?
This coat was originally supposed to be a paletot, but the size lengthwise is a little too short to wear a suit underneath it. I'm also not able to wear a sport coat inside as it feels a little too tight and uncomfortable.   I'm thinking about converting it into a peacoat. How should I get this trimmed down? Here are the photos of the coat.   an        
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