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June, bcdr black calf
Yay tracking!
They are only n&f jeans, it's not like they are really nice raw denim
Just got my lamb a-2 it's pretty rad. Fits just about perfect, I could have taken it out a little bit and probably be a little more relaxed. The lamb feels very thin compared to my calf dr. I personally prefer the thickness of the calf, but whatever both are awesome. I'm still amazed how well they fit off of measurements I took myself, all I can say is great job guys. I'm going to have to get something in black calf next, probably some variation of the mdr or bcdr,...
Red DR got here a week ago + and A-2 is in the mail. I couldn't be happier, also the DR fits just about perfect.
That's inspiring
Will you be getting more dress shirts in anytime soon?
Stop over thinking it.
Hey now Squall, you need to watch out for the queen 
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