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God your such a whiny bitch distorbiant
June, bcdr black calf
Yay tracking!
They are only n&f jeans, it's not like they are really nice raw denim
Just got my lamb a-2 it's pretty rad. Fits just about perfect, I could have taken it out a little bit and probably be a little more relaxed. The lamb feels very thin compared to my calf dr. I personally prefer the thickness of the calf, but whatever both are awesome. I'm still amazed how well they fit off of measurements I took myself, all I can say is great job guys. I'm going to have to get something in black calf next, probably some variation of the mdr or bcdr,...
Red DR got here a week ago + and A-2 is in the mail. I couldn't be happier, also the DR fits just about perfect.
That's inspiring
Will you be getting more dress shirts in anytime soon?
Stop over thinking it.
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