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Going to vegas in a few weeks, and planning on hitting some of the clubs. Normally when I go clubbing, I just do the usual button-down shirt, nice jeans, and some sort of black shoes. But since it's going to be crazy hot in Vegas, can you get away with replacing the button-down shirt with a "stylish" t-shirt? I'd assume the dress-code at most Vegas clubs aren't very formal, but I don't want to be stuck not getting in. Also, on a similar note, any suggestions for...
Those look great! Definitely one of the nicest pair of worn RRDS's that I've seen. Although, does the color actually look like the color in the last pic (the indoor pic)? Just from looking at the photo, it appears that the white balance is pretty off in the photo... would be cool to see a pic of them under natural light.
Yeah, I used to not dry any of my jeans in the dryer for longevity reasons. The dryer seems to make your jeans fade really fast. But lately, I use the dryer for all my jeans... they smell nicer afterwards and they feel softer. Plus, I figure I buy so many jeans anyways, why do I need them each to last me 15 years.
Lately, I've been feeling very bored with shopping for clothes. I usually tend to go through phases where I'll go a few months of being really into fashion and loading up on stuff, and then another few months of being completely bored of everything that's out there. And now I'm going through the latter. But is it just me, or does it seem like it's all the same ol' stuff? For tops, it's either some vintage looking, overpriced t-shirt, some sort of solid or striped...
I'm looking to get a pair of casual shoes/sneakers to wear with t-shirts etc.... something along the veins of Onitsukas, Chucks, etc... ie: something semi-trendy, but not overly flashy/fashion-victimish. Any suggestions as to a brand or style to take a look at? Thanks!
TR had raw jeans out at least by Fall of last year. Saw them at a few places in LA.... by the looks of the stock, they didn't seem to be selling very well though.
It seems like 95% of the outfits seen at a fashion show are so over-the-top, that no one would ever wear them in the real world. What exactly is the reason for this? Are most of these fashion pieces just concepts/inspirations, kinda like the idea of showing non-production concept cars at an autoshow? Is it to draw more attention to the show? Would a fashion show with more wearable pieces be too "boring"?
Quote: I'd say if you have a nordstrom rack around you should go check out their denim selection. They frequently have diesels, PDC, sevens etc for about 70 bucks. Another option would be Saks Off 5th, but I havent seen anything quite as cheap there (more around 90$). Yeah, I second Nordstrom Rack. They have some pretty nice denim deals there occasionally. I picked up a few pair of JP Da'mage jeans there for ~$80-$90 each not too long ago.
Quote: I agree -- I dislike the tapered leg look so much. Infact I can't wear any jeans that don't cover a sizeable portion of my shoe without constantly thinking how akward it looks. I feel the same exact way. Even with my APC English, I'm always paranoid that they look kinda tapered (even though I know they're not). I'm so used to the bootcut look, that I thought all my shoes looked funny when wearing anything non-bootcut. But I think I've finally...
I'm usually a 30" waist, and when I tried on the New Standards in 30", they fit quite snugly around the waist. I can see the waist probably stretching to be more comfortable... but man, those jeans really were skin tight everywhere else as well. I felt like if I bent down too fast, I'd wind up splitting the seams. So I wound up getting a pair of APC English. The New Standards also appeared to have a pretty noticable taper in the legs... I'm surprised that people seem to...
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