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Noted. But just for my curiosity how old would you put me at?
Curious....given the hair how old do you guys think I am?
@dlester thanks. Yeah that occurred to me afterwards re. Pants color. That shirt color is strange I know but I liked that poloshirt for the unique-ish cut.
Skipper neck tshirt is generic brand. Pants are incotex incochino slim fit line. Are they too big? Shoes are quoddy maliseets. Ill try to get a better pic. Thanks for feedback on poloshirt.
Anything else?
Details of collar. All criticisms for fit welcome.
I rest my case
Do you know what sue means and why people sue?????#retard#jesuismiran#svb
What is thr price for taking in waist of jacket and pants? It occurred to me he may have part ways with his seamstress. She is romanian. Used to work at incotex factory there. Somethings weird...he is spinning lies to cover his tracks for sure...but I'm just curious why he turned me away. That said I will miss him. He knew what to do and what not to do make it look good in me. I'm no fool...I can tell when a tailor just wants a big bill...
That's what I don't get..why turn me away this time? Doesn't he realize he's losing a customer for life? Somethings weird here....I even offered to come back in Jan if his seamstress wad busy over xmas... What is the price to take in waist for jacket and pants and hem pants? Its a kiton suit from italy...
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