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The inside pocket IS slanting . We allways do that to make the access to the pocket easier .
The durability is actully quite allright, though the softness of cloth makes the trousers crease easy . But the trousers are often the weak link in a soft cloth suit and two pairs generally double the lasting. 
I recently tried to answer the question.  9 oz is definitely on the light side when it comes to classic flannel suits. In that category nothing can be sculptured and wears like a 14 oz "dry" flannel. The trouble is that most people find them to warm to wear. The idea and making of this paticular suit was based on a few specific requests from the customer.  He wanted a smooth, easy worn suit with a charked check and a fresh look. The cloth is a very soft merino wool...
Hi  It´s not an unusual issue , lot´s of guys have forward leaning shoulders. Some by nature , some caused by unbalanced workout (too much focus on the front side / chest ). It wasn´t a big problem until the the hole "Naples style " conquered the fashion scene . It´s so much harder to get a good fit with no patting of the shoulders. The thing is that you need a bit more space on the front side shoulder point but also some from the back of your neck towards the...
Just a sneak peak on the process of making a blazer at our workshop. More pic´s to come as it develops 
Lovely - Just lovely , almost to precious to wear 
Regards from Stockholm , Enjoy ! 
Hi ! I Spend a few great days in Florens during the Fashion fair , Pitti Oumo , this summer and got the chance to swing shoe maker Roberto Ugolini . Good stuff ! Check out the pictures here  Cheers
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