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What do you guys think about the QDR vs. MDR? Does anyone have both, and if so, which do you prefer? I currently have a black lamb QDR in the queue but am thinking about maybe switching to a MDR.
Hello. Looking for one of these in a medium, if you have it. Thanks. 
Does anyone have a whiskey A-2 or similar non-TOJ bomber that would fit around someone around size 48-50/6'1", 190 lbs.? PM me if you have something similar. Thanks.
I believe, like some of the other posters, that we should try to offer solutions to help Drew (@impolyt_one) resolve this situation. Here are my initial suggestions to Drew off the top of my head:   I think anyone whose order is not currently in production should have the option for a full refund from ToJ, not from a spot-buyer, unless that is what the original buyer would prefer. Yes, this would cut down on Drew's capital, but it would also free up the queue and put him...
Speaking of second-guessing my measurements: What have you guys found to be appropriate sizing calculations for a tight fit? I have a 40" chest and Charley recommended I go with 21.3". His measurements seemed reasonable until I bought another ToJ in the marketplace and the 21.5" chest was way too loose so I ended up reselling it. Will probably wear mostly t-shirts underneath, assuming I ever get the thing (only 35 weeks in). 
Selling this one-of-a-kind Roy Lichtenstein edition messenger bag from Seagall Bags. This was created from a banner for a Lichtenstein exhibit at The Wexner Center for the Arts. Measures about 22" long x 14" high. I love this but I don't get to use it as much with my current job. I may end up keeping it, so don't sleep on this listing. Price includes shipping to CONUS. PM me for other locations. Please contact me with any questions or offers. Thanks.
Preowned Kenneth Cole leather messenger bag. Rich camel colored. Measures 16" l x 14" t x 5" d. In great condition with general signs of wear, including two rubbing spots (pictured). Has a large middle pocket with removable laptop protector sleeve. Also has internal organizers and an expandable back document pocket.    Price includes shipping to CONUS. PM me for other shipping options. Thank you for looking. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Selling this BoO striped shirt from. Super soft, great for spring & summer, maybe even fall. Worn and washed once. Too big for me. Was told it fit like a typical medium, but I think it was closer to a large. Shipping to CONUS included. Message me with any questions or offers. Thanks.
SOLD THANKS   Selling these sold out John Elliott Cast denim/pants in Drake. Got these a bit too small and have only tried them. Still have tags from Atrium. Would love to trade for a pair of 34s or maybe 36s, but willing to sell for the right offer. Asking $155, which includes free shipping to CONUS. I will try to post more pics and measurements when I get a chance. PM with any questions. Thanks. 
I am looking for a charcoal villain in large if anyone got one that doesn't fit.
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