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Does Libertine have an actual website? drew@[website].com?
LOL. This thread is really incredible sometimes. 
Also, I should say that I am completely, 100% against any sort of threat in the letter, except telling Drew the actions we could take that are legally available to us, whatever they may be.
I am coming around to the idea of this community letter. I think @Two Shoes makes a good point about the value of showing organization and unity amongst the aggrieved.   Also, I am attorney, but I do not do civil litigation like this (our "case" sounds like a great hypothetical or final exam essay, BTW), but I feel like we could potentially file something in federal court, most likely in California. If numerous TOJ products have and continue to come through California,...
You guys are making me wish I paid attention in either semester of Civil Procedure. 
Hmm. I'm starting to think that you guys think it's maybe not a good idea.
Am I crazy for wanting to send TOJ more money to upgrade my black lamb QDR to olive green? Has anyone been able to send money to TOJ lately if some people are doing chargebacks?
Please enlighten me on this green wallet worth a year wait.
@Melbush, when were you told July 2015? I wish that was true since my order was 2/14.
Beautiful. BTW, what leather is the QDR?
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