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Cleaning out my closet before a move. Most of this stuff is unworn or gently worn. Selling mainly because I lost a lot of weight and need smaller sizes. Prices include shipping to CONUS. PM me about other shipping options. Multiple purchase discounts considered. Reasonable offers welcome. Trades possible. Will try to get measurements and more pics up soon. Check back, as I will be adding more, too. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking.   1) Rick Owens Stooges in...
Thanks. The reason I asked about calf vs. lamb for my size is because someone told me that calf drapes better for bigger guys, which I guess includes me at 6'1, 188 lbs.
Anyone have a recommendation between a TOJ Quilt DR vs. BLK DNM #31? I currently have the BLK DNM #5, but I always wear it open and I don't like the belt. Thanks.
Question for the experts on here: Would you recommend calf or lamb for someone like me: I'm 6'1, 185 lbs., 39" chest, 35" waist. I prefer a tight fit with leather jackets. I'm considering ordering a Quilt Double Ryder in the 48/50 range. Obviously, I want to make sure I get it right if I am going to be waiting nearly a year for my order.   Also, what is your recommendation on a TOJ Quilt DR vs. BLK DNM #31? Thanks.
I decided to unload my BLK DNM Leather Jacket #5, size large. Selling for $595 which includes shipping to CONUS. Also open to trades for the #31 in Large or Medium or a Surface to Air Gaspard in large, or possibly other leather jackets. Thanks.   Actual pics coming soon. PM me with any questions. Thanks.   PS: I also have a size large Rick Owens Stooges in dark brown hammered lamb available in my other classifieds.
Selling this beautiful indigo-dyed Apolis chore jacket, size Medium. Gained a few lbs. since I got this. Was planning on breaking it in this spring, but it's a little too tight. I wore it once for a few hours to a coffee shop, but didn't remove the tags. Practically brand new for 30% off retail. Price includes shipping to CONUS. PM me about other shipping options.   I'm open to trades, particularly for the same style in a large or the Apolis indigo blazer, probably in a...
Hello. Sorry, it's sold. Thanks!
Reluctantly selling this Rick Owens Stooges in Hammered Lamb , Size Large. I believe this is from the FW09 collection. Wanted this for awhile, finally found this one, but it ended up being too large. Color is DRK SHDW, which is a dark brown/gray. The leather and liner both feel great--soft but substantial leather. Since it was hammered, the lamb leather is textured. At some places, the leather shows what looks like slight wear. I assume this is natural with this type of...
I love my BLK DNM leather jacket, but I think I am a bit too big for a medium. Would love to trade for a Large if anyone has one that's too big for them. Jacket is in excellent condition. Worn less than 10x. Would wear more if it fit better. I can post or message you pics if you want. Just wanted to throw this up real quick. Thanks.
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