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Thanks all, I've reached out. 
Good tidings,    I am looking to pick up the Skye II boots in dark brown shell, but have a few questions for the esteemed members of this forum.   First, where to buy? I'm located in the US, in Chicago. I contacted the New York store, who informed me that they would cost $1150. On C&J's website, the price is listed as 675 pounds, or about $814 minus vat at the current exchange rate. Is it possible to buy from C&J in the UK to get a more favorable price? Or are there...
Indeed, I did! edit: it was around an hour and a half ago.
My apologies if this isn't the right place for this... Now that online retailers like Revolve are unable to offer price reductions on the 1000 Mile collection, is it still possible to find these boots at a decent discount? I can't seem to find the exact color and size I need on eBay, so that's out. I'm aware that offers "points" and free shoe trees- is this the best deal out there right now?  For what it's worth, I am looking at the Courtland in brown. 
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