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Thought it was pretty fun and frustrating all at the same time. Snagged a pair Walt shorts at the 11th hour from my mobile while driving. Go figure since I spent a few hours at the office trying to get something. All in all, kind of like what I expect the wedding dress sale at Filenes Basement was like (without the cat fights)
those didn't last long
Ugg, can't get back on the site....
Who got the jumpers Had them in cart
You know who to PM if it doesn't fit 
Dibs if they don't fit....
Top of Sales Section under Instagram Sale Image but looks like it is gone....
Only in feel.  Not in appearance.  Similar to the Japanese Twill's but Fantastic hand.
Wearing my Loro Piana Cotton Satin MTO's today.  Can't recommend these enough.      Not as bright as the shot makes them appear.  Really a classic Khaki color.
New Posts  All Forums: