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Unionmade Blue Suede tassels  
2 or 3 years ago.  Think they were a 2012 J Crew offering
I'm partial to the gum sole on the salddle
JCrew Suede SWB      
You might be thinking of the natural horsehide trainer coming...
I have a number of the Dry Shirt Collar Polo's and they were my Go-to in last summers heat wave...Mine are the same material on body and collar.  Maybe they changed this year?
J. Gilbert Plaza NST  
There is a bit of stretch due to the spandex content but I wore them all day yesterday and did not find that they stretched out like normal Selvedge causing you to size down to account for it...
Just got a pair of the Slim Straight Stretch Selvedge Jeans.  Fantastic fit, nice weight and nice value.
Saddle Day    
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