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My experience is that there is little room left in the factory hem.  I've gotten a few hemmed to my no-break length with good result but if you are looking for a certain break you might be better at your own tailor.
The Rivet is considered a chino and most are casual fabrics and worn cuffed with no crease.  I have a few of the EFF Wool Rivets and I have them cuffed at a tailor and iron creases.
Suede SWB's...  
Anyone else have problems with the standard 18L buttons popping open?  It mostly happens on my linen/cotton blend shirts and am wondering if I should change out the buttons or stitch up the buttonhole some?
VBC Creme Summer Wool Mohair   Sorry for the end of day wrinkling.  Fantastic fabric. Single forward pleat, Double Button long extended waist
Thought about that after seeing Frank's WIllie OD project
These are Walt Cammo's but I wear them on weekends paired here with a Doyle jacket .
BB King tassels  
If you are an 11.5 in Aberdeen, I it is likely you are the same in Plaza.  Plaza is closer to  Aberdeen in the Alden last scale and at the opposite end of the scale from Trubalance
I didToo good a deal to pass upSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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