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They are from Epaulet and are Walt's in a special offer fabric from a few years back called Russet Tweed.
What he said 
Squeaking out a few more tweed days - Russet tweed Walt's  
LS Choco Tanker  
Got shipping notice on the Tan Wax Trucker 
@eddiemczee  Could totally rock that Batik Jacket 
Mike, step away from the Jameson's.  St. Patty's is over man    But seriously, that madras is boss and I'd love to see that Batik in a jacket 
Chippy I went down a width in the BB model I have.  Tried the D and it was not right.  Went to a C and it is perfect
Happy St. Patty's Day -  TSM Ravello LWB
Its in my cart.  My rust ones arrive tomorrow and I want to make sure I like it before ordering.  Hope the sale is still on.
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