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BB Suede LHS  
Use it all the time with no ill effect.
Snuff LHS  
It's not the indigo casual polo - I'm wearing mine today and that looks like the Sashiko coat fabric
Pure class.  
All EP day Madras Shirt MTO Pale Yellow Khyber Walts Tan Bridle Belt Saddle trainers
Personally, I cuff my wool rivets and crease them as a dress pant without the herringbone taping.    
My experience is that there is little room left in the factory hem.  I've gotten a few hemmed to my no-break length with good result but if you are looking for a certain break you might be better at your own tailor.
The Rivet is considered a chino and most are casual fabrics and worn cuffed with no crease.  I have a few of the EFF Wool Rivets and I have them cuffed at a tailor and iron creases.
New Posts  All Forums: