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Tuesday already? Cigar LHS today
Call Alden - They will send you a pair gratis
In the 50's and early 60"s the popular saddles were the white with black saddle,also worn by cheerleaders when I was in High School. 
To me it is  a #8 LHS 
Thanks Be EP Walt in Aubergine Japanese Twill
Japanese Aubergine Twill Walt's    [[SPOILER]]
Snuff Unlined LHS
Also loving the Black Tennies.  here with the eggshell Wilshire  
I am 9.5D Barrie but go up to 10D in Aberdeen.  I never tried an E width but don't feel the width is the issue for me.  For the sleeker lasts (Plaza, Grant, Aberdeen) I need a bit more toe room so a D width in .5 size up works for me.
King 2210's today  
New Posts  All Forums: