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Love the BB @bkotsko   Dove Grey Linen Walt's  
All of this Ravello and Edge color talk.  These are my DC LWB's from early 2013  
Love that Blue Shell @bkotsko Natural Linen Walt's from last year   [[SPOILER]]
BB Tan suede LHS
Snuff LHS for me today as well.    
Agree with this perspective.  Just got my first pair Driggs and love the fit.  Works better for me than the Rivet fit but cannot see myself using it for dress pants.  Here is crappy iphone fit pic with my LBM Chambray 1911. 
Got some MTO trousers and thought folks would like to see how the colors made-up. Shot a few quick ones before handing over to my tailor for hemming.   Grape Sanded Canvas   Pale Yellow Khyber:  
Love those MrDV   Hummus suede 6-eye's today  
Chilly morning so grabbed the rust wool Rivet's...  
First try on at the office but so far the fit feels similar.  The unlined are lighter so feel like slippers.  These are not far behind in comfort.Fit feels the same as Shell
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