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Fit tweaks sound good Rob.  Look forward to getting my YH4's and hoping it fits like I expect it will.  Then I need to work on a Work Shirt - Will you be tweaking those fits as well?
^^ I know how long you waited.  Glad you got them @tricky  ^^
^^ So Good @MrDV  ^^
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          Fantastic Waxed Canvas Trucker Jacket from Taylor Stitch in Size L   Like new condition since it has been hardly work.  Just too tight on me.  Fits Trim and more towards the Size 40 side of L than the 42 side which is what I need.  I will be reordering in the right size.
          Barbour Department (B) Commander- Styled after the one Daniel Craig wore in Skyfall   Hate to let this one go but I have to be real - it is too tight.  Size is L but it fits more like a Size 40 than a 42/44.  Cut trim but a fantastic style and the usual Barbour Olive waxed cotton.  Perfect condition.
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@bkotsko  That Vittorio is such a great fit on you 
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