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All EP Casual day    Egshell Wilshire Grey EPLA Pima T Grey Chambray Western Shirt EP White trainers
White trainers have landed.  One word - awesome 
6-eye Hummus Suede J Gilbert
Black and if you already have it join Team Saddle
We never steer you wrong 
Wish they had antique edges.  Would be an instakop
Ditto to @rydenfan on the Curo Chromo trainers.  Fantastic leather!  Bonus on the dust bags.  Wasn't expecting that and they are big enough that I can get 2 in 1 so my black trainers now have a bag.   Wearing mine today with the Grape Kamagita and G&L Crammerton Walt's  
First wear of the Chestnut Calf Double Monks - Hiro Last
Love the new Western Chambray sizing Grey kopped along with white trainer Really like the Red Chambray but the chest sizing is a deal breaker Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Choco Tankers  
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