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Hunting Green Suede Indy  
Totally agree and would rather have them tight
It's not so much the sleeve width but at the wrist it is tight enough that with a long sleeve shirt cuff and a watch, it is impossible to button, and taking it off I have to unbutton - guess my hands are oversized 
Just got the Tan Wax Trucker.  Lighter weight than I expected but superbly made.  Same tight wrists though.  Not sure why they have to be made so tight 
Whoa, where did those come from.  Outstanding Mike 
They loosen up fine.  They were my foray into the new Rivet fit but I have been wearing the heck out of mine and love them.
Snuff LHS  
They are from Epaulet and are Walt's in a special offer fabric from a few years back called Russet Tweed.
What he said 
Squeaking out a few more tweed days - Russet tweed Walt's  
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