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Tanker Tuesday  
Ryden, you and I are simpatico.  Mine fits the same.  I bumped up to 43 so I could wear a light sweater in Fall and the length, sleeves and overall fit are bigger than I expected.  Agree that it is an insanely nice piece.   Fit Pics  
JCrew Suede wingtips today  
  Me Too
Ravello for me today.  Love the recent shots of Whiskey!          
Choco Suede Chukka  
I might say that about the White LWB's but with these, no.Beautiful #2'sSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Black Shell Grant Cap's
Sorry, I read your comment wrong.  Makes sense now and was as I thought.
Keen eye.  It is a Commander B and it is snug.  Hoping for some stretch in my Large. Interesting on the EPLA shirts.  I had thought the opposite, that the LA shirts were cut slimmer than the NY shirts?
New Posts  All Forums: