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Cigar Friday  
Nuked chambray Doyle Fit Pic...  
@NewYorkIslander    Is the site inventory accurate?  Looks like a lot of previously out-of-stocks are showing as available?  Camo Super 120?
2 pair for less than the price of one shell shoe That's my story ......
Thanks guys Cognac now kopped (Cigar kopped earlier)
@bkotsko  Unicorns I tell you.  Well played, congrats 
@bkotsko  Heirloom fit looks great.  Just like my grape fit.
Please post a link when the thread goes up Mike  Natty CXL Brixton's and Burgundy Hopsack Walt's today 
Wow, those definitely exceeded my expectations    Cognac is catching my eye 
Natty CXL Brixton today    
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