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@Epaulet  If I ordered a slightly modified standard size in the Individualized EFF is it safe to say that my sizing is now on file for future Individualized EP orders?
J. Gilbert 6-eye Hummus suede Chukka  
Today Black Calf NST 
New arrival from AOM   Cigar SWB on Hampton last
Looks great.  Been thinking of making up a pair like this in the Brisbane Moss Linen/Cotton Canvas
I have so many.  Same way.  Can't throw them out.  Thought about sending them back to Mike. Good for packing though..
Interesting.   I got mine and the fit is spot on but I am a at the top end of a 42 and I suspect you are at the low end...Quality coat though and can't beat the price.  I was pleasantly surprised at the sharpness to the fit
A clear sign of having too many preorders 
Its part of the beauty of #8.  It goes from almost black to reddish eggplant in the direct light.
How did you find the sizing and fit on the BB unlined?  Did you go with your normal VAN size?
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