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Looks like mine.  Came out great.  Can't wait to get it Also see my Fox flannel...
Spectacular @MrDV Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
EP Alt Wien   
@luxire  any timeframe on a Blue University Stripe Oxford restock?
Saddles ordered.  Guess I need to order the Alt Wien boot too since I think it was my design request @EP Dylan 
BB Tassels  
Personally I would opt for snuff over dark brown for strictly casual wear.  If you can find the unlined snuff LHS it is like wearing slippers and a great casual shoe
I have used nothing but a damp cloth and brushing up to last night.  I just hit them with some Lexol conditioner and it did not darken at all...
Speaking of aging nicely...   Natty CXL Brixtons after 2 years of wear:  
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