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Self Edge
Those VBC pants are looking great.  Love the Slate blue Hopsacks above and am interested to hear how you like the mohair fabric @andrel42 My 110's are at the tailors. The waist came in a bit smaller than my last pair so had to have them let out. So far I have received the Sapphire blue flannel and the Indigo birdseye 110's.  Love both fabrics.
Alpine Grain Plaza Last Alt-Wien Boot would be cool   Hunter green suede Perf Cap or Medallion Cap all eyelet Boot, Plaza on Commando
  Team Saddle 
^^ Great score Doc^^
Pure sex RTP.  Those are gorgeous
There is still time...
I went Tattersall with #1 and #22.... Really like a few of the Gauzy Cottons, the puckered poplin's  and the strawberry flannel but.....
I ordered in the last hour or so and Mike put up the options drop-downs by then....
Mike will we all get the spreadsheet to lock down size/details?  I made a goof on a collar size on one of my ordered shirts.
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