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Vintage Silk  
jGilbert #8 Tanker  
It's the NOBDII lightly lined and unfused
He has indicated yes on this recently
Got my first shirt today - Indigo Canvas Oxford.  Took a couple quick iphone (shitty) fit pics at the office.  Its a pretty heavy material and I am pleasantly surprised at the quality and happy with the fit.
DC Cigar Cap's today  
Have to say, the red is a cool idea but not liking it on the white trainer
Same here.  I agree with this.  I did have mine nipped a bit in the waist and seat at the tailor.  I seem to be between a 34 and 36 in Driggs fit.
Wow, wasn't in the game but that was Fast
Ready for Juno Cashmere Driggs and EP Vass Boots  
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