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@bkotsko  Unicorns I tell you.  Well played, congrats 
@bkotsko  Heirloom fit looks great.  Just like my grape fit.
Please post a link when the thread goes up Mike  Natty CXL Brixton's and Burgundy Hopsack Walt's today 
Wow, those definitely exceeded my expectations    Cognac is catching my eye 
Natty CXL Brixton today    
@mdubs   Some nice new additions.  Thanks for sharing.
Just arrived today at the office and a quick initial try-on the fit in XL is spot on.The color is fantastic and the quality is great...
I went back and forth on which color Heirloom to pick up and ended up with the Heather Grape.  I felt it would go with more color pants (Brown, Grey, Tan, Blue) than either the Navy or Charcoal and I already have a Navy Stark.
Wishing it was on Plaza.  I was confused as well but after looking at the front on image is was clearly Barrie
Very classy 
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