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BB Lined Suede LHS  
Same here with not being a typical slim build.  I find the Walt's fit better for me than the Rivets which have a much lower rise profile.  The biggest EP Pant fit issue seems to be the thighs.  If you have biker thighs than many go with the occasionally offered Rudy fit. I find the Walt and Driggs fit me well with Driggs being for more casual pants and Walt for dressier pants.
JGilbert had a run of Medallion Toe on Plaza in Black Shell and plans a restock.  Also working on a Plaza NST Boot in Black Shell
Agreed.  Pants are Epaulet Gayley & Lord Coffee Military Twill
Grant Cigar Cap's today  
What are your thoughts on the TB last?  How did you size?
Navy Doyle and Coffee G&L MTO Walt's   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks DAn under appreciated style me thinks but I love them and their rolls
I suspect they just have a timer and once it ticks all the way down it moves it to Fully funded.   Then they move it back because it is not fully funded....
King Monks today  
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