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It says Barrie Last at the bottom of the description
Ravello NST today  
HaHa, thought the same thing (Wallabee) when I saw them. 
I have an old pair of Weejuns that have filled that role but the allure of a shell replacement is getting high
Those CXL Tassels are nice.  Have the #8 LHS in my cart....
I'm liking the suede ones Mike 
Those are beautiful.  Congratulations on the arrival 
A thin V-neck maybe but it is pretty snug.  To me, this isn't the type of piece I would wear a sweater under though.  It is a sweater alternative.If you did want to layer under it I would recommend you size up.  I am an XL (42R)
Navy Doyle - Finally a sunny day
Whiskey LWB today  
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