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Ordered the Grape Sanded Canvas MTO Walts a few days ago.  After seeing the Driggs shots recently posted, I'm pretty psyched to see how they come out.
That's them.  The color is a bit more muted than the photo shows.  The sun and filtering made them a brighter blue.It's an awesome color and the pants are perfect for your weather.
Speaking of LHS....Whiskey today  
Petrol Blue Walt's today  
The other Grant Cap's today (in the rain)  
Even with the rain.  Had to pull out the Cigar CT's - Congrats to all who got in on the new run. One of my favorite makeups  
First pic is most recent
    Some pics of my 3 year old pair when they were new to compare Looks like they didn't change the Edge 
I go TTS on VAN
Snuff LHS  
New Posts  All Forums: