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Whiskey LHS today  Until Kathy gets a new delivery....$1700, what is he smoking
I'm 5'11" and 195 and I went XL and it fits spot on...I have broad shoulders though 
Just got the Grape Kamagita and was blown away.   Wasn't sure I would like the style but it surprised me.   Pics later
Jcrew Suede Shortwings  
Natural Linen Walt's and suede  
I'm a day late to the Ravello NST party.... Was wearing Meermin yesterday, sorry.  
I was a big Stan Smith's fan as well. What colorway is selling the best?
2210's today #8 is King  
Snuff LHS today  
As an owner from the first run of #8 Epaulet Alt Wien's I can say that you will not be disappointed.  best finish on any pair of Alden's I have.  
New Posts  All Forums: