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@Epaulet     yes on Taylor shorts and Grey on new Walt fabric
Guncheck cotton rivets and Shell trainers  
Agreed.  Only complain is that the wrist is a tad tight for outerwear.  Could have added another half to inch to the wrist sizing to account for a long sleeve shirt (Oxford weight) underneath and a watch.  Overall an fantastic piece though 
@chipshot   Yes, all the best in your mission 
J. Crew suede SWB
Good lord that Gunmetal trainer is sweet.  I'm leaning towards it in a Combat Boot but keep coming back to that trainer 
I go down a width on the tassels and it worked well.
First Full day wear on the Cramerton Rivets.  I'm finding the 35 in the new Rivet a great fit and the fabric is among the best chino fabrics I've had     
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