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The individualized fit more like the Gitman Keystone fits.I can't get a good fit in the New England cuts.  Too tight in upper chest. The Steel Chambray I'm wearing was a Gitman EFF from last year I believe and it is not Keystone and a tad tight for my liking, but it's a great fabric and color.
EP Fit   Steel Blue Chambray Speckled Donnegal Rivets Black Calf trainers
@Epaulet  How about that blazer you teased on IG?
@Epaulet   Mike, given that I am an XL and Keystone Fit preferred kind of guy.  Would an XL in these be too fitted, you think?
AOM Hampton Cigar SWB  
Very oxford cloth like.  Nice, I like it a lot
Funny story there.  Was in the middle of switching out my Alt Wien's for my Cigar SWB's which I am still breaking in on carpet.  A client came in when I was half done.Got busy and took a break to take my shofie shots and didn't realize I had one of each on.  Posted my outfit pic on the EP thread and someone pointed it out.  Looked down and went  
EP Alt Wien  
Ha, still breaking in the Cigar's in the office.  Forgot to change before snapping.  good eye
All EP fit  
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