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Black Calf NST  
Had to sit this one out as well and it's painful with so many good choices and fantastic price points 
AODC Cigar Grant Cap's  
I just brush but when the time comes, I have Saphire suede cleaner I will use.  I have not reapplied Nano since the initial application but I will respray every year.You will love them 
Pretty true to size Steve.  Sleeves a tad long and cuffs tight but overall fit is good.  It's a great shirt.
I have one on order and believe it said mid Feb
Just got the Cone Mills Utility Shirt.  My first Taylor Stitch purchase.  Fit and quality are spot on.
Thanks Mike.  Not quite as loud in person.  Lighting accentuated the red
LS Chcoc Tankers  
Rust wool rivets Chocolate suede belt (not visible)  
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