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I'm eyeing that one too.  Great Christmas tie
Can't wait to see the field jacket pics.  If I didn't already have a Grey Car Coat I would have joined #teamGreyFieldJacket - went to #TeamLodenFieldJacket instead and it's on its way
Just got notice mine shipped today
That fit is so good @tricky 
Not any longer 
@EP Sam   Will you be posting a link here when the Walt samples go up?
They look toasty
@FrankCowperwood   They are definitely more canvas like than jeans like.  Have only worn a few times and washed twice.  Stiffness is similar to an EP Canvas rivet.  Don't expect to see much stretch.  I went TTS.  
LS Choco Tankers  
Some killer fits guys....   Channeling Tricky with the EP Moleskin Vest ans Walt's
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