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PSA:  Buy 1 Get 2 Free Shoe Trees on JA with Free shipping 
Vass Medallion Toe Boots today Coffee Gayley & Lord MTO Walt's  
Loving the possible vest MTO idea....   An old shot of the EP Moleskin Waistcoat from a year or so ago....  
  It's all about the patina.... Agreed, the shading from age is very cool on this pair...
2210's Today  
Love the Doyle mornings   Navy Duck Doyle Burgundy Hopsack Walt's
Eagerly awaiting the Vass samples Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
^^^  Charcoal
@mcarthur   The Plaza WTB is growing on me.  Very special in Cigar and extra special in that shade of Cigar    JGilbert Hummus 6-Eye Plaza Chukka today   And argyles, OTC of course
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