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BB King Tassels  
Moleskin Walt and Veneto
@Epaulet   When will the White/Grey Sport Trainers be in?
DC Grant Cigar Cap's  
Handled with class Mike, as usual.
Avatar change?
Great lists gentleman.  2014 was a good year for many.   My acquisitions in 2014:   TSM Black Shell Grant Cap Boot (ebay) J. Gilbert 6-eye Hummus Suede Chukka BB Tan Suede Lined LHS (Corp. Sale) BB 6601 King Tassel (Corp Sale) LS Choco Suede Tanker   2015 Hopefuls:   Alden Black Shell Medallion Cap Toe "Alt Wien" Boot Alden Color 8 Medallion Cap Toe "Alt Wien" Boot Alden Ravello Short Wing Blucher Alden DC Ravello Daytripper    Wants: Leffot Plaza...
TSM Whiskey LWB   
Fantastic with those pants... EP Rivet's?
LS Choco Suede Tankers  
New Posts  All Forums: