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9.5 I might jump but I'm a 10 in Aberdeen :(
Angled GAT Style FTW    Upon further review of the Pics I like the initial straight design for this model.   Love that Fair Isle Sweater Rob.  That needs to make a comeback Mike 
They are from Epaulet in NY Uncle.  Lambswool Flannel
Mocha Lambswool Flannel Walts from last Year  
DC Ravello LWB  
Massive deer boning and brushing gets you mostly there....I do it to my King Tankers often to keep the rolls down....
Not spoilered because these are awesome DV 
Ravello Alt Wien Boot 9 Brown Eyelets Antique Edge Commando sole Or #4 NST Aberdeen Last Antique Edge Double Leather Sole
Choco suede Tankers
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