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Eagerly awaiting the Vass samples Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
^^^  Charcoal
@mcarthur   The Plaza WTB is growing on me.  Very special in Cigar and extra special in that shade of Cigar    JGilbert Hummus 6-Eye Plaza Chukka today   And argyles, OTC of course
These are the NST in Ravello Shell on the Aberdeen last
Aubergine Japanese Twill  
@MrDV Lawn shots  Ravello NST 
Just grabbed these on eBay for a restoration project but they are too big for me.  They are a 9.5D but I guess the unlined LHS runs big.  Bit of stretch but the uppers and soles are in great shape.  Make a great pair for a good price if they fit.  I would say if you are a 10D these will fit great.   Black Shell Cordovan (Model 0032)   Asking What I paid $140 - Shipping included in US - Dropped to $120       Sellers Pic used and link to auction is...
Whiskey LHS - Still holding on to summer   
Finally a cool morning to break out the Grape Kamigita Brown Duck Walt's  
Hey Matt @leftofthedial, best of luck 
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