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TSM Whiskey LWB - Happy Whiskey Wednesday all  
Rust wool rivets EFF Southwick Guncheck Weller Jacket from a few years back White Pima EPLA T Trickers Chukka's  
It was originally a Ravello SWB or the WTB.  You were then given the option to switch to a Cigar SWB or WTB.  Not really a fiasco and not really a discount - free trees.
About how much room is there to let out in the upper waist area of a Napoli jacket?
Agreed.  Yenni had a Hummus suede 6-eye Chukka at j. Gilbert (Still available) that is pretty close..
The dog ate my shoe
 Thanks guys.  Wouldn't use cream on my shell but I have a Rancourt #8 Belt (non shell) that I was thinking this would be good for...
Is Mahogany the right choice for Color 8?
My leisure SundayOlive Knit BomberBottleneck Green TBlack trackpants
New Posts  All Forums: