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What is the Slip Beading you are referring to on the Badlands GMTO?   I might be in but would prefer leather midsole with mini lug
Fantastic Boot collection and loving the Aquanaut Serious Halleck regret here.
EP Vass for the pending weather.  I'll be driving right into it on my trip south today. Grape Heirloom not visible
Adam at AOC also does one on Commando
King Monks  
Do it on Plaza last and I'm in....
Sounds like the Driggs might work for you
@postal007   After a few months, you will not even notice that as the Natty CXL Patina's...I'd keep them if you like the shoe.
Loden flannel looked nice....
Love to have a Sports Coat out of that Grey Tartan Flannel
New Posts  All Forums: