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i think Eddie just sold me on CinnamonSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I'm leaning Derby but the force with Cinnamon is strong....
Eff Hunter Green Check Gitman arrived  
Grape Kamigata and duck canvas Rivet's  
Hummus suede Plaza Six-eye from JGilbert  
Not a fit pic but here are the Navy and Cranberry Coco made up 
I did and yes, same measurement
EFF Walt's arrived.  This is the Old School Aussie Marino Tartan.  Fantastic!  
Quick snaps of my Wine Linen Check shirt http://custom.luxire.com/products/linen-wine-checks.     NOBDII Collar, lightly lined and unfused.  Real nice fabric and a very wearable pattern.  
New Posts  All Forums: