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Loro Piana today  
I don't condition very often and just wipe with a damp rag and brush after every wear.  I used the Defender all winter and re-applied maybe once since the initial wipe.It seemed to work fine for me.  Shell is pretty naturally forgiving.  I mainly used it to prevent any salt staining. It does not prevent you from conditioning but I would assume you would need to apply the defender again afterwards
I am the same size and have a 42 Doyle.  It is close fitting but I have been wearing the hell out of it and love it.  I wear it like I would a sweater so nothing bulky under it anyway.
I use the Alden Defender with no issues.  I also have Nano for my suede but haven't tried it on Shell.  I expect it would be fine.
The brown loafers are Snuff suede
Ravello LWB  
Jcrew Suede Shortwings  
Great looking saddles today gents
Black shell Grant cap's  
Whiskey LWB   
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