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Purple Shetland Tweed Walts and Ep #8 Alt Wien  
61 D, the horrors  -9 in the morning here tomorrow
EP #8 Alt Wien  
Vintage Oatmeal Tweed  
It is the standard Spearpoint collar.  I will try to get a tie shot tonight.
Choco tanker Saturday
I love them 
Pretty pleased with how my first pair pants came out.  I wanted to replace an old pair of heavy camel flannel pants I had for years. I used this fabric: http://custom.luxire.com/collections/jackets-coats/products/camel-wool-flannel   I did them in an extended tab waist, single forward pleat,  with button fly, suspender buttons, and side seam front pockets.  I went with side adjusters, and cuffs which they did with the button feature.    
Some quick pics of one of my new arrivals. My iteration on the Vintage shirt. Details were done exact as asked and love the fit.
  Sorry, yes the shots are of different sides.  I only have one Slide but it appears that mine is a different style the one you show Scott.  Mine has only the one fancy end on the metal frame, possibly because this is a thick flannel fabric. 
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