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Right.  The Choco tanker is Barrie and I don't think the E would look weird.
Don't think the E width would make that big of an appearance change...
love those Mac cheers for argyles
The dreaded hanger nipple.... I would try steaming it.  Or even just getting the area wet and let it air dry. 
I love mine.  Extremely comfortable and exceeded my expectations.
+1  He has the eye for it.  I always have a hard time visualizing from a small swatch shot...
Not yet but I time it right  and use my iphone.  The DSLR might be a bit more challenging to be stealth with 
Tanker Friday   Argyles OTC
I've been rocking the Jcrew Slim sweats for some time - indoors only, however.  I think with these finer tailored sweats, the posibilities open up to outdoor wear as long as the rest of the outfit follows suit.   First wear on my MTO Moleskin Walt's.  Safe to say I am now a Moleskin believer.  Also wearing the Chambray Doyle  
New Posts  All Forums: