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Great, thanks. If you could let me know it would be really helpful.
Hey everyone,   I just purchased a vintage 1958 peacoat and I had a question regarding the sleeves. There appears to puckering/sheering where the sleeve meets the body (see pictures, almost looks like neopolitan suiting). I took it to a tailor here and he said that happens to jackets, especially heavy ones, and is normal. He also said there is no guarantee that it wouldn't happen again if they tried to fix it. Is this normal? Aside from this, everything else about the...
Hey all,   These shoes were purchased at the Superga store in New York last week. They were worn for 2 days around the city, but unfortunately the insole really hurts my foot (I wish I had figured that out before buying them but oh well.)   In any other city I would say 2 days of wear is "mint" or "like new" but given that it was New York city, the condition is "lightly used." They look great and have almost no wear.   Buyer pays...
Hey Nan,   Are there are any plans to revise the oxford fit based on all the comments said here?   Thanks
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