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Cheers for your input guys. I never really get cold on my feet, and if it's really cold outside, I wear wool socks. So for my part the suede/leather choice is simply in terms of which material can handle autumn/winter the best.
Cheers for your replies guys. I think I'll go for the suedes. Do you have any advice as to how to take care of them during fall/winter? Is it sufficient with a water-protecting spray and a cleaner/shampoo?
Hello,   I've been thinking of getting a pair of chukkas for fall/winter, but I'm not sure whether to buy suede or leather ones. I live in Norway, so the winter is quite cold, snowy, but quite dry - not that much slush.    What do you consider to be the best material for winter. Will leather chukkas be better than suede?    Been thinking of getting suede ones from Velasca, or leather ones from Meermin. Do anyone have additional suggestions in the same price range as...
Hello!    I was wondering if anyone had some experience with Topman or H&M's chinos, and which one you would reccomend in terms of fit and quality? I'm open to other suggestions as well in the same price range.
 Did the wool fabric feel ok? Never bought anything from Uniqlo, so I'm a bit skeptical about the quality - heard great things about them, but for such great prices I get a bit unsure.Did the coat look as good in real life as it does on the pictures on their website?
Hey!   I was wondering if anyone had some experience with Uniqlo's wool-blend pea coat? I've been looking at it online at it seems quite good for the price, but I do not live in a country where I can check it out for myself. Does anyone know how the quality and look is (does the fabric look cheap)? How does it fit? I'm about 182 and weigh about 87 kg. Got an athletic build and wear a medium in other...
Hi!   I want to order a Navy Sport Coat from Rugby, but I am a bit unsure about the fit and what size I should order.  I usually order a 40R from other brands, which fits me perfectly although the sleeve length can sometimes be a few cm too long. How is the fit of the Rugby Sports coats? I live in Norway so I do not have the opportunity to try one on. I've seen people saying that the fit is very tight and small, and someone writing that the arm length is very...
New Posts  All Forums: