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I'm given to believe that they're fused, but they try to hide the fact with some buzzwords. I've an odd waistcoat from them that isn't holding up very well, but... perhaps I'm being unfair. They're not that bad.
They are poor quality. If I didn't think I'd be likely to outgrow the suits within the next few years, and if I hadn't gotten them on sale, I'd have gone with Black Lapel. As it is, I may buy a DB jacket from them, unless Black Lapel adds that option in the next 6-8 months.
Well, that's what tailors are for. It's a gorgeous blazer.
That blazer sounds really nice. Pictures?
Well, cotton's always good, as is silk. I don't think you'd want cashmere; isn't it supposed to be really warm?
That may be the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
This. They're so, so bad.
Try Tasso Elba. The quality's not the best, but it should be within your price range. Also, drawstring waist is acceptable for linen.
The tie bar has one of those in wool that I really want. 
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