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3.25 inches is a good lapel width. I'm a skinny bastard, so I usually go with 3 inches. I only really like wide peak lapels.
I'm confused. What's pessimistic about an increase in sales?
That's not approval you're hearing; it's skepticism. 
  Sleeve pitch issue.
A bag over your head?    All kidding aside, I would strongly recommend a different brand of khakis, and if you really want to wear a tie, a jacket as well. That said, just make sure everything fits.
The pulling in the vests is so bad I thought they had lapels.
I think the lowest price you can really go and still expect to have something that could possibly last you a while is Meermin.  They're not big on boots, but have some very attractive wingtips.
These are &*!%ing gorgeous.
I think you may be working at cross purposes. You're saying that life is too short to worry if Tie A would be a better choice than Tie B, as long as both are acceptable. You're treating this site as a repository of information for the man who wishes to accoutre himself in a manner that is acceptable and aesthetically pleasing, and there's nothing wrong with that. Caustic Man is, like the more devoted posters here, treating this site as a forum for men's...
You could take cover from mortar fire under those shoulders.
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