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Will do.
Got an indochino suit. I'm okay with the way most of it fits, but the shoulders are just... Off. Do they need to be bigger, and, if so, by how much total?
I would've recommended black for a double-breasted tux. The Indochino midnight-blue is kinda wonky how the lapels are only trimmed with satin. Whatever floats your boat, though.
I'd honestly say it depends.   Are you in MCJROTC?  Is it Humphrey Bogart Day?   Do you have grey hair?   ... is it raining?   Seriously, though. Wear a suit or something if you want to stand out.
I don't own a navy blazer, but I keep meaning to get one -- and if I do, it will have silver buttons.
Where could I acquire some heavyish blackwatch tartan trousers? I don't have the cash for anything approaching purple label, even on sale.
Anyone?    Bueller?
Yeah, I may keep shopping with them for the next few year, just because it would be a shame to switch after getting my measurements dialed in. That said, I could really go for some wide peak lapels, and indochino doesn't do that.
Have they ever offered one that's not in suede? I greatly prefer single monk straps to double. Does anyone know if that's the sort of thing they're likely to offer at a later date?
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