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I think there's a double standard there, and it's not really a good one. If he told her to wear a summer dress do this winter occasion, how do you think she would react?
I like bowties a lot more than some other posters on here, but no. Just don't do it. Wear it in the summer, because madras is kickass.
The problem is the cut of the jacket (and pants).   What college student has the money for RLPL?
Venetian shoe cream: can it be used like reno for calfskin shoes as well?
Does venetian shoe cream work for calf, as well?
Earmuffs, hair, or a massive freaking lapel that you pop.
I just wish they would offer wider lapels -- blacklapel will make their lapels as wide (or narrow) as you like. 
What's wrong with worsted pants/ flannel jacket? I'm not doubting you; I'm just having a hard time picturing the problem.
The shoulders are a little wonky. Take it to "Tailors fit thread" with some side and rear pics.
Damn, what a gorgeous suit. This is why I have high hopes for indochino.
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