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How's that? 
What about if you wear suits and ties just because you can? Also, I always pictured a bow tie going a bit better with an odd jacket than with a suit due to the decreased formality. Is there any basis for that?
Outside of semi-formal events, how does one wear a bow tie in a tasteful fashion? 
I've seen a lot of distaste for bow ties on here, and I have to ask what the reason for that is. They've been around for a long time, so it's not some sort of menswear blogger invention. Is the current dislike of bow ties just reactionary sentiment against the current /r/menswear and frat star belief that bow ties are instant class?   What's wrong with bow ties?
Right. So the problem is the people wearing them, and not bowties themselves. How does one wear a bowtie without looking like an idiot?
What's wrong with bowties? My grandfather wore bowties. 
"This is actually a few days old, from before the Schneider cardigan got here. Wearing my sluttiest t-shirt."   What the fuck is wrong with you?
How can I tell where it's tight? And could the dimpling be from the shoulders being too large? I will try to post pictures tomorrow.
Those are bad reasons. Don't do it.
I have a question for the tailors who frequent this thread. I have, in the past, tried to post pictures, but the only camera I have is very bad, so I'll just ask a general question.   The dimpling in the shoulders of my suit is odd. I have other suits with similar shoulder lengths that don't dimple noticeably. I think I remember reading it was something to do with the chest being too tight, but the chest doesn't feel particularly tight. The biceps, though, are very...
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