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That's fair. However, I don't particularly have a problem with standing out, either.
A compliment and a comment are different things. I didn't mean to bring up compliments to justify my clothing (at least not in the sense of "if these people like it, it must be good") but rather to indicate that at least a substantial proportion of people like the way I dress, and therefore if I did care about what others thought of me (and I would be lying if I said I didn't at least a tiny bit), the other however-much-percent would have to be spitting at my feet to make...
I don't really see why you're getting snippy about it. I like to dress the way I like to dress. Any attention I get from it, be it positive or negative, doesn't bother me. Life's too short to worry about what some random, tenuous acquaintances in class think of how I dress, and it's certainly too short to worry about what people on the internet think of how I dress. If I dress a couple notches more formally than I should, well, I may as well focus on dressing as well as I...
Wearing a shirt and tie to the gym actually makes it physically difficult to work out and makes it likely that you'll damage some expensive clothing. Showing up in clothing that isn't sufficiently formal for an occasion shows that you didn't care enough to take the time to put on something nice.
Oh. Yeah, it helps to realize that everyone who disagrees with you is an inferior, subhuman wretch who just doesn't understand how awesome you are.   Or to just be okay with being thought of as a little odd. Whichever. 
You could literally make that comparison about anything.
And part of being in college is being able to wear things just because you like them. 
The best thing about college is that you really can wear whatever the fuck you want. You want to wear a suit? Go for it. Nobody will give a shit, and if they do, fuck 'em. 
I have never in my life tried to look serious. Classy? If I thought it would work, I would. Again, though, what's wrong with wearing suits in college? I really do think you're exaggerating the extent to which there's a strictly-defined dress code at college, and even if you were right, so what? It makes me happy to wear suits or odd jackets. What does it matter?
I tend to get compliments for about the first one or two times someone sees me "dressed up," and then nobody notices at all. I've certainly never gotten any negative comments about it, and it doesn't feel like anyone's bothered by it. I'm a college student, in case you're wondering.
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