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That's actually a really excellent question.
Life's too short to worry about what everyone else's wearing. I like what I wear, and it's not interfering with my social life, so who cares?
Again, I would argue that if there's a kind of clothing you really like, college is a great time to wear it, be that lederhosen or be that morning dress -- but only if you don't care what random strangers think of you.
chinosandcheesecake. 'nuff said.
I may be biased in favor of bow ties because two of the men I'd most like to emulate wore them -- my childhood doctor and my grandfather.
Balls. If you have the balls to wear Rick Owens on Tatooine, you are probably the most fashionable person around.
If you have the chutzpah to wear that much leather on Tatooine, probably you.
I get that you don't like me, and you don't like how I dress, but how does that make me a faggot or an assclown?
... the fuck was that for?
Not quite. My way of dressing may be objectively terrible, but I'm certainly not trying to pretend it's superior to that of anyone else. It's just how I dress.
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