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If I ever have 1.6 grand floating around for a suit, I'll check you guys out. I'm a fan.
I feel like I may do some thread necromancy here to interject that I really like Boast polos.   Just don't buy anything else from them unless you like overpaying for an inferior product.
Just shuffle right back on to doofusville, why don't you?
Are we suddenly talking in yen?   Or is that a 29 thousand-dollar suit? *vomits*
I really like the way Burke dresses. He makes CBD look good (or whatever he's wearing that's pretty close to CBD). Caffrey is perilously close to a peacock, but he looks good and it works for him.
Thank you all for the advice! I think I'm getting a charcoal suit, probably with two pairs of pants. Also, TAR!
I tried to tell some people in my dorm (we're all pretty close friends), "Barney Stinson doesn't dress particularly well. He just doesn't dress poorly and he's always dressed up." Of course, I got shouted down. My top two are Spectre and Caffrey, but I don't watch much TV at all.
I'm a fan.
It looks nice, but to my eye it feels like the sleeves are a bit short. Maybe have your shirt sleeve poking out?
That was what I thought. So should I be alright with, say, Super 120?
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