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I default to a Para-Ordnance 14.45. Of course, I've never had to carry one concealed, but the grip is manageably wide in my hand.
I may be prejudiced. I'm at college, and live next to frat court, and Top-Siders are just about the only shoe the fraternity members wear. It's incredibly annoying.
What do you mean, exactly?
Come on, now. If you think I wasn't making sense, just say so. I must admit it doesn't approach my usual quality of writing, but I suppose that's to be expected when I allow myself to rant a bit.
I realize that this is very late, but unless you are physically on a boat, Top-Siders are inappropriate with anything other than shorts. They just look bad. They make you look like a frat star, especially if you wear them with chinos. Don't do that to yourself.   EDIT: The khaki-colored denim question is clearly a return, unless you want to keep the pants. If you were promised khaki-colored kevlar and got cotton twill, you would return it, no?
Geez. And I thought the ones I talked to were ripping me off. I may just go to walgreens now and pick up a tape measure. But then again I may wait to go back home to the tailor I trust and give it one more shot.
"Proper" MTM will. I'm an advocate of online MTM in most cases, but they take exactly one leg measurement. Now, Black Lapel does have an option that you can select if you've a lower shoulder, but at the price point I doubt they can correct for an all-over slant.
I prefer the customization options, and I've not had much success in the past fitting RTW suits. I'm rather skinny, and although the quality from Indochino was utter shit, the fit came out almost exactly perfectly. The only thing that needed fixing was the sleeves. I don't truly need MTM, I just have a strong preference, and I like what I've seen of Black Lapel so far. They're not trying gimmicky garbage, they're not using fused jackets and trying to pass them off as...
I'm completely serious. I know that online MTM has a very bad reputation, and that Indochino attracts most of the flack due to being the highest-profile. From what I've heard of reviews from Black Lapel, though, it doesn't suffer from the same problems as Indochino. So what's wrong with Black Lapel?
I figured it would be a bit more accurate, and nobody at the dorm had a tape measure.   Also, what's wrong with blacklapel? People who've tried both Indochino and Black lapel compare the latter very favorably, from what I've seen.
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