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How subtle are we talking about, here? I mean, there are some windowpanes that seem (to me, at least) exclusively the province of a suit. The stuff on the left is bold enough that it could (imo) be worn as a trouser alone without looking out of place. The one on the right seems a bit too subtle and restrained - it looks like it belongs on a suit.
It's not that grey odd jackets in general look like suit jackets, it's that that grey jacket looks like a suit jacket. The sort of thing most people would notice? No. The sort of thing that matters, in the grand scheme of things? No. The sort of thing that means this particular jacket should be avoided by anyone looking to buy it because they like clothes and want to look nice? Yes.
Well ideally I will go to Hoi An with the most specific instructions feasible. I'm going to a fairly reputable tailor there, but I've also heard some horror stories about Hoi An. I will report back when/if I make the trip, but... yeah. Thanks so much for the reply, Chris. If it's not too much trouble, could you be more specific if you knew my waist/hip/thigh measurements? My natural waist is 30" around, give or take a meal. My hips are 38", and my thighs are 21.5" at the...
Either one, but if it was clearly a part of a suit (for instance, subtle windowpane or any pinstripe), it may as well go to goodwill - you're not going to be able to wear them on their own.
Dress trousers that are not part of a suit.
Personally, I think they could stand to be tapered, but not a whole lot - maybe 3/4 inch off the hem. What are they now, nine inches across?
It can be done, but that particular jacket would look like an orphaned suit jacket.
Can I just forget I ever said that? Please?
I can't tell from that one, but I think it could possibly be one of those jackets (forget the name) that does drape properly with both buttoned. That actually seems fairly likely, given that he has a "following." Most people who are interested in menswear know not to button the bottom button. Incidentally, he looks sort of dumb, bottom button done or not. The pants aren't my thing. Also, I would say that comments like this directed at a style blogger are entirely...
Hi all. Until recently, I was a card-carrying member of the FFJ, and I think I might still be. I'm not really sure -- my go-to pants right now are some flat-front pants from Tiger of Sweden (best goodwill find ever). That said, I recently saw a few pictures of slim single-pleated pants that I really liked. It bothers me that my pants have that weird "vanishing crease" thing where the crease just sort of fades into nonbeing mid-thigh, so... pleats. I don't need the extra...
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