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Oxyclean. If that doesn't work, ivory dish soap + oxyclean. If that doesn't work, get a different brand next time. Whatever you do, don't bleach them. Whites need a tiny bit of blue to look like bright white. If you strip that away with bleach, they'll look dingy.
I mean, they're complicated, and so I guess that's a bit of time and effort there, but it's not really good time and good effort. One of the things I like most about Spoo's knots, for instance, is that they're usually (always? @SpooPoker) a simple knot, but he does them so perfectly that they're beautiful. By contrast, you could tie an Elderidge impeccably and it would still never have the clean lines, solidity, or depth of a good traditional knot. Maybe someone who's more...
Oh, good. Now I know I've made the right choice.It's not even that they're ostentatious. There are some clothing choices I absolutely love that are nevertheless ostentatious. The problem is that they combine ostentation with a lack of required time, effort, or skill. Plus they're associated, in my mind, with celebrities and college students who want to show everyone that wearing a tie doesn't make them a straight-edge.
Double four-in-hand is two wraps around, blade of the tie goes underneath both of them. More than two wraps around and the knot starts getting chunky and gross. I find that full (and to a lesser extent half) windsor knots are too lifeless. The double four-in-hand is big enough for a spread collar and asymmetrical enough to have a bit of life in it.I really, really don't like those "exotic" knots.
I personally think a double four-in-hand is your best choice with a spread collar, and I have to admit I usually go with a spread collar with my db jacket.
I was not at all intending to look this boring when I woke up this morning. It just sort of... happened.
Incidentally, I wouldn't recommend sizing up or longer. It's pretty clear the shortness and button stance are intentional, as the sleeves are just about as long as the jacket.
It's too tight, too short, and the button stance is much too high. I would send it back if I were you.
I didn't say I liked it, just that it's a suit-y pattern. And yeah, I agree that complex plaid can look fine. I have some glen check tweed pants that I adore. But if the pattern is too subtle, it looks (imo) like part of a suit.
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