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I actually think it's less about formality and more about being subtle or restrained (which does correlate with formality, but that's neither here nor there). A pattern or color that hits the sweet spot for an odd jacket can look extremely dandified or even garish as a suit, but (most) suit patterns and colors are simply boring as odd jackets. That's just my 2 cents, anyway.
As an odd jacket? Yeah, it was clearly never part of a suit. I usually like the gorge a bit higher, but that's just a personal preference. You may want to run it by someone who's better at this than I am, though.
1. That would look terrible with dress pants. 2. You are in the wrong forum.
You've contradicted yourself a few times. If it's dressy, it's not going to be casual, and good shoes usually don't come with rubber soles (why do you want a rubber sole?). What kind of dancing are you talking about? I mean, right now I'm thinking your best option is something like this:
I'll look into that, then. I'd feel much better about that jacket with another half-inch of length on it.
I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the advice.Incidentally, It has about 3/4" finished fabric folded under as the hem of the jacket. Is it possible to let that out?
  Because life is too short to look boring every day. Yeah, in a perfect world, the jacket would be a bit longer and the pants would be a bit fuller cut, but I like them anyway.
Have a tailor replace the facings (if that can be done)?
Is this sarcasm? I have a feeling this is sarcasm. It's fairly obnoxious, especially considering there's a thread for exactly your kind of question right here.
Have you considered contacting the seller of the tuxedo?
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