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Ordered up some of those Cashmere V-Necks (Navy & the darker gray)    Just wanted to know from you guys: What do you usually wear under your V-Necks? Can you get away not wearing a button down underneath or can you only really do that with crew necks?   EDIT: Also emailed them about the problems we've all been having with the webstore and they said they were going to get the kinks worked out in the near future: Stuff like:   Duplicate items  Newly...
Cool!, appreciate the advice. I was really wanting to pick up some of those medium EFM Crew-necks but they ran out of mediums days ago, and they've been out of those oxfords since I first browsed the on-line store.   I will definitely pick up some flannels and extra fine cloth button downs though! Yeah, thanks for the input I will definitely be stocking up on some basics, I'll also try to check out that down jacket.  
Hey guys, I'm fairly new to dressing well. Reddit MFA turned me to Styleforum and you guys seem to take dressing well to American Psycho levels! Which is great.   I just learned of Uniqlo as well, and as a 22 yr old college student about to graduate they seem to be great for starting to build up my wardrobe. (Plus they sell online now)   So far for this fall/Winter I've got:   Wool Blended Pea Jacket (Navy)   Heavy Gauge Fair Isle Button up Cardigan...
As someone who is fairly new dressing well and Uniqlo, what items (that are stocked in size medium) do you think are essential?
I never knew Uniqlo was that popular with hipsters. Why do you think that is? Then again I only found out about Uniqlo when they went online.   On a side note, I manage to grab a Mens Wool Blended "Pea Jacket" (not coat) & I'm loving it. I was surprised it was TTS.
Same here, I am positive though that only the L, XL and maybe XXL were offered. they are probably trying to sell off the inventory that didn't sell in stores.   Honestly, the way Uniqlo's online store is ran can be frustrating. I mean, half the stuff on the site is sold out in every color & size but they still have the links up and active...They also have a ton of duplicate links...
They need to restock........everything     Uniqlo seems to restock certain items on the online site sporadically. Is there any pattern to how they re-stock? Or do I just have to keep checking daily? 
Hey guys I am looking for a proxy, I am really interested in getting the:   Mens (+J)Wool Pea Coat (but in size Medium)   I can pay though paypal. Please let me know if your store has either color in Medium stocked! thanks
Does anyone here wear levi's 508's? Do any of the pants or jeans Uniqlo offers fit like them?   Also, does anyone know when Uniqlo online is going to be restocking? Right now it seems that their stock changes by the hour.
John Varvatos Hipster Chukkas? Apart from having to size half a size down, I hear good things? wut do?      
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