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I want a fit like Unbranded tapered fit, with a 501-esque rise.  Any suggestions?
I'm looking for something similar to their tapered fit with higher rise.  I like the rise on 501s.  Any suggestions?
V2 is rocking!  I really think the look is improved, less clunky in a way.  I'm definitely on board for my next sneaker purchase.  Did I hear something about different colors, gray and black as I recall?
Kent Wang
 What is that, an older Pista? Or some "urban" model?
I have a "Gap Premium" tie with a similar weave, I thought it was too fine for grenadine, know anything about it?
  Worth it.
Picked up this Ricci tie a while back as well, in all its 4" splendor:     Sorry for the bad pictures and mess, my room doubles as the dungeon while I am away at school, which I am currently packing for.
So how did I do?   Brooks Brothers fur-lined herringbone DB coat       Brooks Brothers green camelhair SC           2x Woolrich   Lyle and Scott , United Colors of Benneton 52, Lord and Taylor    2x Polo Golf , monogram of some sort (my initials actually)     3x Polo OCBD (blue, green,blue; bad pictures)    Brooks Brothers, 2x Brooks(is Brooks a diffusion brand or somesuch, or just different...
Is it appropriate to get opinions on how well represented an eBay item was on this forum in general, and more specifically would this be a good thread?
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