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Just to US from Cuba and have an extra box of 3 Cuban Cohiba robustos (Fidel's fav). Any ideas on how I can sell them?
Ok, I tried this on the general Q&A but no love, and I thought, why not try on my favorite thread...  To respect the thread and convey my true love of AE, I have crossed out shows that I might or might not actually have, and put the closest AE model that an AE-fan purer than myself would have.   So... I need to purge at least three pairs of shoes from this lineup (guess why).  I'm having trouble so coming to you for some wise insight.   At work I am generally business...
I need to purge three pairs of shoes from this lineup (guess why).  I'm having trouble so coming to you for some wise insight.   At work I am generally business casual, wear a suit (either navy or charcoal) occasionally.  Jeans and cords on weekends.   Black Captoe Bal (AE Park Ave) Merlot Wingtip Bals (AE McAlister) burgundy Shell cordovan Plain Toe Bluchers (AE Leeds) burgundy Shell cordovan long wings (old Florsheims) burgundy Shell Cordovan Penny Loafers (Alden...
Yes but are the Narragansett and Equus belts dress belts (suits and slacks) or more casual (for jeans and chinos)?
What about these Black Fleece Kiltie Monk Strap "Wing" Tips?  C&J?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Dark-Brown-Kiltie-Wingtip/FH00035_____DKBR_10H__D___,default,pd.html?ds_e_ad_type=pla&cmp=ppc_us_google_pla_P_P_M_PLA_Mens&gclid=Cj0KEQiA2o6lBRCn_b7yppe98rQBEiQAMpnYnUfs01HZIEDFvPhod8Vf9v38ALrA3QJfPXNZPKl3dooaAuUv8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds
Why is there no comments section at putthison.com?   I suspect PTO is considered for beginners and so many SF readers don't look at it. But I suspect many do. I like a lot of what those guys say, however I often am curious what others think about it. And I have no *real* friends who care remotely about this style thing :)
 That is a lovely shoe and I think quite versatile. That said, I think a darker brown would be more versatile. I think the broguing makes it work well with suits and sport coats. Depending on your budget and definition of "gradually", you might be better of getting two less expensive shoes however. For example, if I were going to spend that money on shoes, I would prob go for two (or even three!) pairs of Allen Edmonds. But that's based on my (wife's :) willingness to pay,...
 Since no one has pointed it out explicitly: be sure to get shoes with closed lacing, that is an oxford/balmoral (as the others have pictured) rather than a derby/blucher (what you have pictured).
 One effective way I've controlled this "problem" was getting married. 3+ years into it I still sometimes think, man I should've bought these before... :)  
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