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Dude you're like 23, you've only lived in one fad.  Youth has many advantages, perspective is not one of them.
Kylepw:  that suit fits nicely - I wouldn't shorten the pants unless you want a more mod look.
I think that suit fits great - looks like the right amount of break too, unless you want more of mod look.
I think they should be taken in - they're too long.  I'd ask your tailor to leave only a slight break.  I don't think you can have them widened though, prob. not enough fabric - but once they're the right length you might find the taper works.
TrialNError:  I would love to hear what you think of the suit fabric on your charcoal suit.  Like I said, I'm considering it, but Herringbone tends to be a heavier fabric and I live in a warm climate.    Rincon:  I'm new here because I very recently jumped into the MTM world. Google "Black Lapel suit review" or "Indochino suit review" and this forum is heavily represented in the top 20 hits.  After receiving good info during my research from this forum, I just felt...
I think your navy suit looks great - I'd just shorten the paints a touch.  Seems like too much break. 
That's the herringbone charcoal suit correct?  Tailored fit?  How heavy/thick is that fabric?  how's it drape? (thinking of getting that or other charcoal suit - I have the cool grey suit - the fabric is great, medium weight and drapes really nicely)   Couple of thoughts on fit:   Sleeves could be shortened maybe a 1/4" or 3/8".    Paint length definitely s/b shortened at least 1".   Espcially since those a slim fitting.   Hard to tell with pics but chest...
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